Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Blu-ray Slipcovers

Discuss.. Blu-ray Slipcovers

Person A
I'm just curious, do you keep the slipcovers or throw them away?

On the blu-ray forum, I mentioned that I always threw away the slipcovers, and many posters over there expressed disbelief and anger. I didn't realize that slipcovers were so treasured.

Blu-ray slipcovers Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Person B
I would have to say mostly yes to that i throw them away, since i have only kept two of the slipcovers that came with the movies i have bought over the years.

But they are kinda also important, since one is for the steel book version of Skyfall and the other for the 2009 Star Trek movie, both having no detailed standard Blu-ray covers.

Person C
It depends. If the slipcover is just an exact replica of the BD slick, I take it off and put in a box I have for all sorts of excess packaging of that sort. That makes it easier to file discs in my shelf, since they then take up marginally less space and I don't have the problem of slipcover edges getting scuffed up. If the slipcover artwork is unique i'll keep it on the case and file it on a separate shelf I have for discs with such packaging.

Person D
I usually keep them

I only threw the Slip Cover to Wayne's world out because it got ripped

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