Thursday, 19 February 2015

Bruce Willis, the movies he is 'known for'...

The movies Bruce Willis is 'known for'... are The Sixth Sense, Die Hard, The Fifth Element and Moonrise Kingdom. Moonrise is in their because it's one of his best roles in recent years..but The Fifth Element instead of Pulp Fiction? Even Twelve Monkey's would fill the spot better than The Fifth Element.

But in the last couple of years his career went from great to making 3rd rate movies,...Maybe somebody's gotta call his agent and say something about it, because his movies are getting worse and worse...

Bruce Willis, Red

about.. Bruce Willis, Mary-Louise Parker, Red.. RED is a silly but very fun movie. Red is the action-comedy with a lot of fun

about.. Over the Hedge (2006)? Bruce Willis voices the main character in that movie, but it hardly sounds a bit like him: He sounds a whole lot younger and more energetic. James Berardinelli's review that mentions the disconnect between Willis and his cartoon character, and Willis said in interviews that the directors told him to have a higher pitched voice. It's an interesting footnote in his career when he voiced a cartoon raccoon that didn't really sound like him at all.

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