Monday, 2 February 2015

Chloe Bridges, Talented actress

Chloe Bridges is a very talented actress. Before being cast as Freddie Prinze's neice, Zoe, she was cast as Lisa Kudrow's step-daughter in the pilot episode of her new show "The Comeback". We will see more of Chloe.

Chloe Bridges is extremely smart, academically and creatively, and a very hard worker at everything. She will do great in her career

Chloe Bridges, Talented actress

The following Chloe Bridges, Talented actress 'films

1. In 2008, Title film is The Longshots as Tammy Anderson
2. In 2009, Title film is Legally Blondes as Ashley Meadows
3. In 2009, Title film is Forget Me Not as Layla
4. In 2010, Title film is Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam as Dana Turner
5. In 2011, Title film is Worst. Prom. Ever. as Neve Spernak
6. In 2013, Title film is Family Weekend as Kat
7. In 2013, Title film is Social Nightmare as Emily Hargroves
8. In 2014, Title film is Mantervention as Katie
9. In 2015, Title film is Nightlight as Nia
10. In 2015, Title film is The Final Girls as Paula

Chloe Bridges, her lips
Her lips are so huge they engulf her entire face, that's what everyone said about angelina jolie while she was growing up...she has perfect lips and she's drop dead gorgeous... rather see people with huge lips then barley there lips.. Love them or not, her lips are definitely something to behold. Her beauty is certainly of the distinctive variety; can't mistake her for anyone else.

Have fun.

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