Tuesday, 3 February 2015

David Cameron: Practically a Conservative..

David Cameron: Practically a Conservative..

He is much more than the poster boy of the right and now watch with interest as he navigates his way through the latest round of scandals to hit English politics.

David Cameron: Practically a Conservative..
Kindle of David Cameron: Practically a Conservative..

An interesting insight into the man who has come to rule Britain at a particularly crucial time.

Provides a valuable understanding of where David Cameron has come from, what his vision is and how he has been shaped by the political landscape around him.

Cameron is a guy who isn't quite at the level required to be a good PM, we don't seem to have anyone in the running who is, from any party.

Sometimes he is okay, a lot of the time he is just damn awful.

The Tories have back tracked so many times, wasted so much money, and then tell everyone that they are trying to save money. The NHS costs more, but it's much worse than it was. Education is a disaster.

On Europe he is one of the few people who seem to be trying to deal with the EU, realising the UK has a lot of potential power. However he doesn't seem to be that strong or that good at it.

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