Saturday, 14 February 2015

iPod Classic's battery when viewing videos

Question on iPod Classic's battery when viewing videos

I bought a new 160gb iPod Classic almost two weeks ago and things seem fine although I always hear a "peeew" sound which I assume is the hard drive.

Anyway, when I watch videos on my ipod, on a full charge, the battery last about 4 and a half hours which I always assumed was normal since that's how long my previous 120gb ipod lasted when viewing videos. The ipod's manual, on the other hand, says that the ipod classic is suppose to last around six hours on video and 36 hours on music on a full 4 hour charge. I'm confused because an ipod finishes charging after two hours so does that mean I have to leave the ipod plug in for an additional two hours even after the ipod says its fully charged or is my ipod defective?

Apple iPod classic, 160GB, 7th Generation, MP3 MP4 Player

Apple iPod classic, 160GB, 7th Generation, MP3 MP4 Player

I have a ipod classic also. Although I didnt watch videos on it, just played music. Im pretty sure those numbers you mentioned are just estimates. Quality of the video, video size, video length all factor into the batteries life.

And that sound is the hdd winding down. It stores information into the ram so it isn't continuously spinning, thats why you can listen to a bunch of songs with out them skipping while walking with it in hand or in a pocket as the hdd platters are rarely moving.

I bought an iPod several years ago, hoping it would replace my old TRGpro as my PDA. I charged it up, but the next day it had no charge. I charged it again but rapidly lost interest as it would never do the job of my good old TRGpro if it's going to lose charge all the time. Now I have just one TRGpro left and I'm afraid to carry it around much because it has all that data handy without which I would have to go back to notebook and pencil. And I don't want to go to a cellphone - I like my privacy.

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