Monday, 23 February 2015

Jennifer Connelly, Why was She so popular in Japan in the '80s?

Jennifer Connelly, She is one of the most beautiful women in the world. What she look like a lot more before she had her face lift and boob job. I don't think she had a face lift, her her weight loss just made her face look somewhat different in shape. Her boob job was to have them reduced, and that was also effected by weight loss. Her round face and very innocent look was certainly a turn on.

BTW, Jennifer Connelly, She was so popular in Japan in the '80s. This is just educated guesswork, but it's because she was a perfect fit for the idol culture that was prevalent at that time, as it valued 14 to 16-year-old girls with a "cute" look and a wholesome image. She was a cute teenage girl, and she had the right aesthetic for a Japanese audience (big eyes, very pale skin, shiny dark hair etc.). She seems to have been marketed mainly on the strength of how cute she was over any perceived sexiness, and many of the images of her in Japanese magazines are actually pretty infantilising (Jennifer with her mother, Jennifer with a teddy bear, Jennifer skipping etc. etc.). This makes the Japanese images of her seem rather jarring in contrast to the more familiar Western ones, which tend to emphasise her sexuality more.

The Rocketeer, Starring Jennifer Connelly

The Rocketeer, Starring Jennifer Connelly

'Rocketeer', not just strickly because of her, but because the film itself strikes a cord with me, it being a kinda full movie of early sci-fi serials.

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