Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Jennifer Hudson's tribute was spectacular!

Jennifer Hudson 's tribute to Whitney Houston was perfect all the way around. She is such an awesome and powerful singer but she restrained that voice out of respect to Whitney and it was still Fabulous. Every single critic and celebrity have given nothing but high praises to Jennifer and it boggles my mind that some people still feel the need to hate. No matter, nothing will take away from true talent.

Jennifer Hudson, J-Hud and why I lost respect for the Oscars

Jennifer Hudson, J-Hud and why I lost respect for the Oscars

These award shows are a sad mix of 70% politics and 30% recognition of genuine talent/achievement. It's always been obvious, but it became an unbearable joke the year when Melissa Etheridge won an oscar for one of the worst songs ever written, Jennifer Hudson won an oscar because they forgot the oscars aren't the grammys, and Eddie Murphy DIDN'T win the oscar because Alan Arkin was getting old.

Jennifer Hudson has an AMAZING and UNBELIEVABLE voice, and deserves every award for music she gets. But her acting, namely her acting in Dreamgirls, is some of the worst acting I've ever seen. Her singing performances were emotive while still being slightly awkward, and every bit of her dialogue was literally worse than an actor in a High School drama production. Jennifer deserved a Grammy for her vocal work, not an Oscar for her acting.

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