Monday, 9 February 2015

Kate Middleton - Catherine Duchess of Cambridge

Kate Middleton, Catherine Duchess of Cambridge

Kate is obviously not a Diana. Kate is much more suited for royal life. She's quite possibly the most confident woman. Kate's smart. She's not even trying to be a Diana. Kate will do more in reality conversely Diana ignited imaginations. Kate is in royalty as a goal and a life mission whereas Diana was a little girl looking for love. Rip Diana. No one will ever be what she was. But Kate is a beauty in her own way.

Kate Middleton, Catherine Duchess of Cambridge: A Biography for Children

Kate Middleton, Catherine Duchess of Cambridge: A Biography..

Kate didn't become Princess Catherine because she is not a Princess in her own right. Giving her the title Princess Catherine would imply that she was born royal and is the Queen's grandchild like Princes William and Harry or Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice. For this reason she is actually HRH Princess William to signify that she is the wife of William, who was born royal.

However, it is royal tradition that the Queen gives a Dukedom to a Prince on his wedding day - the Queen has chosen the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for William and Kate. They will officially be known as the Duke and Duchess as those titles rank higher than that of Prince and Princess William of Wales. It is worth noting that the Queen has the power to give any title, so the Queen could've made Kate Princess Catherine, but this isn't the usual practice and she chose not to.

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