Sunday, 15 February 2015

Leonardo DiCaprio, He's a great actor except...

Leonardo DiCaprio, he's severely overrated for Titanic.. He's given even better performances, but Titanic made him a STAR!

Leonardo DiCaprio Actor s Tale: From Homeless Kid to King of the World

Leonardo DiCaprio Actor's Tale: From Homeless Kid to King of the World

Considering how one note and flat that character is on paper, the dialogue he has to spout, the fact that there is no character ark to speak of and the fact that DiCaprio has to keep the audience interested in the character for over 3 hours, I'd say he's extremely underrated in the roll.

In Britain one of our most respected actors was Peter Cushing. The roles he played were often flat, the dialogue terrible. But Leonardo DiCaprio was respected because it was said he could read a telephone book and make it sound convincing and interesting and hold the audiences attention.

I consider Titanic and the Beach to be Leo's Cushing roles.

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