Monday, 9 February 2015

Meaghan Martin's going to play a teenager?

As long as Meaghan Martin keeps looking the part, she is going to play a teenager. Also, that high pitched voice of hers and generally "bubbly" personality adds to her being seen by casting agents as someone who can play youthful/teen roles. I'm sure like most actors she would like to play a bigger variety of roles, but it's not up to her.

They like to keep young women like her in the high school box.

meaghan martin Senior Project 2015

Meaghan Martin, Senior Project 2015

Looks like a young Kristen Bell, watching her in 10 things I hate about you, looking at her, they even sound alike, she could pass for Kristen Bell's younger sister.

Eww Shes in camp rock? Meaghan Martin's character was pretty bad, but she didn't ruin the movie. It wasn't good enough to be ruined in the first place. She's nice, but I got ten words for her "Baby talk, baby talk. It's no wonder you can't walk!"

Meaghan Martin's Film
Year 2008 Title Camp Rock Role as Tess Tyler
Year 2009 Title Dear Lemon Lima Role as Megan Kennedy
Year 2010 Title Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam Role as Tess Tyler
Year 2011 Title Mean Girls 2 Role as Jo Mitchell
Year 2012 Title Sironia Role as Aubrey
Year 2013 Title Geography Club Role as Trish
Year 2013 Title The Good Mother Role as Melanie
Year 2015 Title Safelight Role as Sharon
TBA Title Senior Project Role as Natalia

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