Friday, 27 February 2015

Paula Abdul is Jewish

I'm stunned to read she is Jewish

She might have a black heritage. It's stunned to read in the bio that her parents were both Jewish. Must be her father's Middle Eastern roots that give her that look. Still I'm inclined to think she has some black ancestory.

Anyway Paula Abdul was so sexy on vh1 divas. She's got all these hot women around her (LEONA LEWIS I LOVE YOU!) and she's like the ringleader of hotness! lololololol she should do more hosting shows wearing sexy dresses surrounded by other hot chicks that's cool.

Paula Abdul, Greatest Hits: Straight Up!

Paula Abdul, Greatest Hits: Straight Up! the following songs

1. Forever Your Girl (Single Version)
2. Straight Up (Single Version)
3. Cold Hearted (7"Edit)
4. The Way That You Love Me (Single Version)
5. Knocked Out (Single Version)
6. One Or The Other
7. Opposites Attract (7" Edit)
8. Rush, Rush (7" Edit)
9. The Promise Of A New Day (7" Edit)
10. Blowing Kisses In The Wind (Edit)
11. Vibeology 3:20 $1.29 Buy MP3
12. Bend Time Back 'Round (Single Version)
13. Will You Marry Me
14. My Love Is For Real (Radio Edit)
15. Crazy Cool 4:02 $1.29 Buy MP3
16. If I Were Your Girl
17. Ain't Never Gonna Give You Up (Radio Edit)
18. It's All About Feeling Good

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