Thursday, 12 March 2015

Brittany Byrnes, Swimming UpStream

Swimming UpStream, the movie is a nice little gem and brittany byrnes is one of the most beautiful girls. She didn't have a huge role, but she played her part well.

Brittany Byrnes, Swimming UpStream

Brittany Byrnes, Swimming UpStream

Brittany Byrnes : Very beautiful and a good actor to boot. Brittany is very easy on the eyes. Watched "Little Oberon" and she looks very good, in a pale, goth-like kinda way. Still very attractive. I hadn't seen any of her other work (except unwittingly in "Babe"). She uses her eyes to good effect and pulled off a very tough role very well. Hope she heads to the USA to get a really good script and crew to work with.

Brittany Byrnes is involved in some charity work for an orphanage in rural Thailand. She volunteers through a not for profit organisation called Hands Across The Water. She was part of a renovation team who helped out at "Home Hug" in Yasothon, Thailand last year. She has since become very involved with the kids there and is trying to do more to raise awareness and funding for them.

Brittany Byrnes' Films:
1995 plays in Babe role as Granddaughter in Film
1996 plays in Twisted Tales role as Jessie in TV series, episode "Night of the Monster"
1996 plays in Heartbreak High in TV series
1996 plays in G.P. in TV series, episode "Sing Me a Lullaby"
1997 plays in Search for Treasure Island role as Thea Hawkins in TV series, 26 episodes
1998 plays in Children's Hospital role as Helen Voyt in TV series, episode "Future Shock"
1998 plays in Breakers role as Catherine in TV series
1998 plays in The Violent Earth role as Helene, as a child in TV miniseries
1999 plays in BeastMaster role as Muraki in TV series, episode "Riddle of the Nymph"
2000 plays in Water Rats role as Geena Sadler in TV series, 2 episodes
2001 plays in Escape of the Artful Dodger role as Hannah Schuler in TV series, 26 episodes
2001 plays in When Good Ghouls Go Bad role as Dayna in TV movie
2003 plays in Swimming Upstream role as Diane Fingleton in Film
2003 plays in Mermaids role as Tessa in TV movie
2005 plays in Little Oberon role as Natasha Green in TV movie
1998–2008 plays in All Saints role as Jacinta Clarke, Vicki Ross, Becky Franklin, Vicki Rees, Emma Quinliven in TV series, 5 episodes
2007–2008 plays in H2O: Just Add Water role as Charlotte Watsford in TV series, 26 episodes
2008 plays in Scorched role as Deanna Pearce in TV movie
2010 plays in Toybox role as Tina in TV series, 6 episodes

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