Monday, 9 March 2015

Claire Holt leaving the Originals?

Is she really gone from the Originals? Claire Holt left the show but will return as a guest from time to time. She left mid season 1

Claire Holt as Rebekah has always been awesome. Unlike most everyone else at one time or another, don't ever recall getting tired or annoyed with her since she first entered TV D. She's dynamic, kicks ass, and so likable.

The Vampire Diaries, Season 4

The Vampire Diaries, Season 4

Watching Claire Holt in Mean girls 2 and watch her in H2O, her american accent is really good but it makes her voice sound completely different! Her voice sounds higher, it just doesn't sound like her, it's funny. She was in H20. She did a good job hiding her accent.

If Claire Holt wants to make it American TV and movies then she needs to learn to act as well with an American accent as she does with an Aussie and English accent. She does a great job on The Originals breathing life into Rebekah and if she can do that in other roles with an American accent then chances are she will go much farther in her career.

Claire Holt's Films
2009 plays in Messengers 2: The Scarecrow roel as Lindsay Rollins, Direct-to-video
2011 plays in Mean Girls 2 role as Chastity Meyer, TV film
2012 plays in Blue Like Jazz role as Penny, Main role

Claire Holt's Televisions:
2006–2008 plays in H2O: Just Add Water role as Emma Gilbert in 52 episodes
2011 plays in Pretty Little Liars role as Samara Cook in 5 episodes
2011–2014 plays in The Vampire Diaries role as Rebekah Mikaelson in 37 episodes
2013–present plays in The Originals role as Rebekah Mikaelson in 20 episodes
2015 plays in Aquarius role as Charmain Tully in Series regular

Claire Holt's Music videos:
2014 with Artist The Madden Brothers, song: "We Are Done", role as Cameo

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