Thursday, 19 March 2015

Jessica Szohr, One Word, Hot

Jessica Szohr, One Word, Hot.. she is definitely very unique! stunning :)

She is Black and Hungarian. Her eyes stand out because of her tanned complexion and extremely dark hair. That's what make it unique. They are also shaped very differently. It's not just that her eyes are stunning, but the contrast that her eyes has with the rest of her features makes them absolutely beautiful to behold

Jessica Szohr, Love Wedding Marriage

Jessica Szohr, Love Wedding Marriage

Jessica Szohr is really stunning! great 'aura' + beautiful looks! hope she wont get a nose job or other things done because she is a natural + unique beauty!, hope she will have a great career! she seems so nice she deserves it ;)

The following Jessica Szohr's Films:
2003 plays in Uncle Nino role as The MC
2005 plays in The Reading Room role as Dayva
2007 plays in Somebody Help Me role as Nicole
2009 plays in Fired Up! role as Kara
2010 plays in Piranha 3D role as Kelly Driscoll
2011 plays in Love, Wedding, Marriage role as Shelby
2011 plays in I Don't Know How She Does It role as Paula
2011 plays in Tower Heist role as Sasha Gibbs
2012 plays in Hirokin role as Orange
2012 plays in Art Machine role as Cassandra Moon
2012 plays in Love Bite role as Juliana
2013 plays in Pawn role as Bonnie
2013 plays in The Internship role as Marielena
2013 plays in Brightest Star role as Lita Markovic
2014 plays in House at the End of the Drive role as Krista
2014 plays in Lucky in Love role as Mira Simon
2014 plays in 10 Cent Pistol role as Chelsea
2014 plays in Two Night Stand role as Faiza
2014 plays in The Life role as

The following Jessica Szohr's Television
2003 plays in My Wife & Kids role as Dee-Jay
2004 plays in What I Like About You role as Liz
2004 plays in Drake & Josh role as N/A
2004 plays in Joan of Arcadia role as Nikki
2005 plays in That's So Raven role as Jordache Hilltopper
2007 plays in What About Brian role as Laura
2007 plays in CSI: Miami role as Samantha Barrish
2007–12 plays in Gossip Girl role as Vanessa Abrams
2010 plays in The City role as Herself
2012 plays in Punk'd role as Herself
2013 plays in Men at Work role as Jenny

The following Jessica Szohr's Music video
2007 plays in Best Days role as Matt White
2007 plays in Over You role as Daughtry
2013 plays in 22 role as Taylor Swift
2014 plays in Already Home role as A Great Big World

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