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Margot Robbie, The curse of being beautiful!

Margot Robbie is one of those people who are blessed with extreme good looks. But this blessing can be a curse. For people like Margot, life is effortless. She breezes through life getting everything she wants. This halts character development in real life and causes beautiful people to create shallow, depth less on screen characters. The character developed by being ugly, poor, or otherwise aflicted, is critical to creating deep, edgy, powerful characters. This is why, to me, people like Margot are dis interesting on screen - beautiful, but ultimately boring! I would prefer to hire a slightly less attractive actor who has been through personal hardship, has at times been poor, desperate and out of work, but during this time has developed the character which is critical to squeeze the most out of roles.

Margot Robbie, supporting actress, Wolf Of Wall Street

Margot Robbie, supporting actress, Wolf Of Wall Street

It's not a snap judgement, it's a generalization, but some generalizations have merit, just like the one I offered about beautiful/richer people finding life easier than uglier/poorer people. Studies have found that beautiful people generally are more popular and more successful than ugly people. Of course to every rule there's the exception, but "generally" beautiful people make *beep* actors because they haven't developed the depth required to play interesting characters. Beautiful people tend to be more self-aware. They notice how much people notice them and they find it extremely difficult to distance themselves from themselves - I have spoken to some beautiful people I know about this and they seem to confirm that this is the case. Uglier people seem to find it easier to detach their mental selves from their physical selves. They have tougher lives because they don't get the level of acceptance or success that beautiful people naturally get and so they tend to make far better actors, playing far more interesting characters with far more depth and emotion. Some beautiful people might be good actors, but they are the exception to the rule. How often have you seen a *beep* actor on screen i, say, daytime tv soap opera. Sure they're nice to look at but horrible at acting. They seem to get into acting just so they can show the world how good looking they are without having the tools to make a good job of it. I attach this to Margot because she seems to be equally attractive but dis interesting and I bet she's a lovely popular lady in real-life, lacking the tools to play deep interesting characters herself.


Rich people have an obvious advantage in life but again it doesn't shield them from pain, their problems may be different and in some cases have the means to combat them, but it doesn't mean they don't experience difficulty. You think being popular and successful means people are happy, that is a very simplistic view.

Beauty is subjective. Acting is a talent, not a product of beauty and popularity (although fame can have those attributes) but then acting is judged subjectively too. The Other can says.. Beauty is obviously not completely subjective. Very few people would find her ugly (if any). There's science to beauty.

Something about Margot Robbie - I get the feeling she wouldn't give most guys the time of day. one day she'll be on the wrong side of 35 and her sexual market value will plummet. beautiful women pretty much run the world from 18 - 38 then they're forced to rely on their personalities. but usually then they are trapped in a marriage w/ children, their bodies fall apart and so on.

Margot Robbie's Films:
2008 plays in Vigilante role as Cassandra
2009 plays in I.C.U. role as Tristan Waters
2013 plays in About Time role as Charlotte
2013 plays in The Wolf of Wall Street role as Naomi Lapaglia
2015 plays in Z for Zachariah role as Ann Burden
2015 plays in Focus role as Jess Barrett
2015 plays in Suite fran├žaise role as Celine
2016 plays in Tarzan role as Jane Porter
2016 plays in The Taliban Shuffle role as Tanya

Margot Robbie's Television:
2008 plays in Review with Myles Barlow role as Kelly on Episode #1.1
2008 plays in The Elephant Princess role as Butterfly (uncredited) on Episodes: "The Butterfly Effect" and "Butterfly Kiss"
2008 plays in City Homicide role as Caitlin Brentford on Episode: "Somersaulting Dogs"
2008–2011 plays in Neighbours role as Donna Freedman on 311 episodes
2011–2012 plays in Pan Am role as Laura Cameron on 14 episodes
2015 plays in Top Gear role as Herself on Episode #22.4
2015 plays in Neighbours 30th: The Stars Reunite role as Herself on Documentary

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