Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Michelle Trachtenberg, outrageously hot

Michelle Trachtenberg, She is outrageously hot, watched 17 again kind of from the middle and first scene, have seen many many girls and she's like one of those girls blow the 10 margin like she's 12/10. She's cuter than I could have imagined a person could look before I saw her. Her body is excellent

And saw her in Sexy Evil Genius and she is stunning, she looks much prettier now then when saw her in Buffy the vampire slayer, also love her voice, also better then in Buffy.

Michelle Trachtenberg, 17 Again

Michelle Trachtenberg, 17 Again

Look at Michelle Trachtenberg on Gossip Girl or Eurotrip, she's definitely HOT! [[love1]] Harriet the Spy is all grown up. She grew up nicely. She turned out to be very pretty in an atypical way.

She is the hottest woman in Hollywood and one of the most beautiful women in the world, hands down.

The Following Michelle Trachtenberg's Film: 

1995 plays in Melissa role as Lena
1996 plays in Harriet the Spy role as Harriet M. Welsch
1998 plays in Richie Rich's Christmas Wish role as Gloria
1999 plays in Inspector Gadget role as Penny
2000 plays in Can't Be Heaven role as Julie
2004 plays in EuroTrip role as Jenny
2004 plays in Mysterious Skin role as Wendy
2005 plays in Ice Princess role as Casey Carlyle
2005 plays in The Dive From Clausen's Pier role as Carrie
2006 plays in Beautiful Ohio role as Sandra
2006 plays in Black Christmas role as Melissa Kitt
2008 plays in Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight role as Tika (voice)
2009 plays in Against the Current role as Suzanne
2009 plays in 17 Again role as Margaret "Maggie" Sarah O'Donnell
2010 plays in Cop Out role as Ava Monroe
2010 plays in DC Showcase: Jonah Hex role as Bar girl (voice)
2011 plays in Take Me Home Tonight role as Ashley
2013 plays in Sexy Evil Genius role as Miranda Prague
2014 plays in The Scribbler role as Alice

The following Michelle Trachtenberg's Television:
1991 plays in Law & Order role as Dinah Driscoll
1993 plays in Clarissa Explains It All role as Elsie Soaperstein
1993–96 plays in All My Children role as Lily Benton Montgomery #1
1994–96 plays in The Adventures of Pete & Pete role as Nona F. Mecklenberg
1996 plays in A Holiday for Love role as Noelle Murphy
1996 plays in Dave's World role as Angela
1996 plays in Space Cases role as Prankster #1
1996 plays in Christmas in My Hometown role as Noelle Murphy
1997 plays in Meego role as Maggie Parker
1998 plays in Blue's Clues role as Herself
1998 plays in Reading Rainbow role as Herself (voice)
1998 plays in Guys Like Us role as Katie
1998–99 plays in Figure It Out role as Herself/Panelist
2000 plays in A Father's Choice role as Kelly McClain
2000–03 plays in Buffy the Vampire Slayer role as Dawn Summers
2001–03 plays in Truth or Scare role as Host/narrator
2004 plays in Six Feet Under role as Celeste
2005 plays in The Dive from Clausen's Pier role as Carrie Beal
2006 plays in House role as Melinda Bardach
2006–12 plays in Robot Chicken role as Various voices
2006 plays in Law & Order: Criminal Intent role as Lisa Willow Tyler
2007 plays in The Hill role as Maggie Rogers
2008 plays in The Circuit role as Kylie Shines
2008–12 plays in Gossip Girl role as Georgina Sparks
2009–10 plays in Mercy role as Chloe Payne
2009 plays in The Super Hero Squad Show role as Valkyrie (voice)
2011 plays in Untitled Peter Knight Pilot role as Gracie
2011 plays in Love Bites role as Jodie
2011 plays in Weeds role as Emma Karlin
2013 plays in Killing Kennedy role as Marina Oswald
2013 plays in Criminal Minds role as Diane Turner
2013 plays in NCIS: Los Angeles role as Lily Lockhart
2015 plays in Sleepy Hollow role as Abigail Adams

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