Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Nokia Lumia 620, Any cellphone suggestions?

Discuss.. Any cellphone suggestions?

So after two years today, my Nokia Lumia 620 isn't even switching on now :-( So any good cellphone suggestions?

I used my Nokia for these things mostly:

1) Checking and posting on the social media sites and forums.

2) Reading articles and news (whether business& finance, home cooking, anything and everything) and saving them for later reading or if I'm using them as a reference for projects.

3)Writing on MS word, especially writing or editing fanfics or other writing projects. Seemed impossible on tiny mobile screen, but Nokia had the whole office suite already installed in it and I loved that I could just write directly into word doc instead of waiting to open my PC or laptop to do that.

4) Watching TV shows. I transfer episodes from PC and watch them on my mobile :)

So I guess that's it. So any good mobile brands you know and used doing all the above activities with ease? And the mobile didn't just die in two years or give you trouble? My Nokia got stuck a lot and I had to remove the battery to make it work again. This happened usually when I was browsing internet or sites like Youtube and Facebook.

My price range not above 500 US dollars.

AT&T Nokia Lumia 635 - No Contract GoPhone

AT&T Nokia Lumia 635 - No Contract GoPhone

Go for Samsung any of the Galaxy familiy, if I'm not mistaken is one best sellers when it comes to tighter budgets and people are always fine Iwth them,

I really hope so. I have been considering Samsung for awhile. Even after hearing horror stories of people dropping it and it's screen cracking.

I've always had Nokia for so long that I didn't feel like switching to another brand. My last Nokia phone(I think N72) ran for five years and it was still running after falling countless times. I had to give the phone away finally. But this lumia was my first nokia smartphone and first touch phone. So are touchphone lives really that short or something? My sister's Sony Xperia touchphone also start giving problems one and a half year later. She switched to Samsung Galaxy Grand 2. But it hasn't been even a year yet, but I'm just really curious if lives of touchphones are indeed so short.

Personally I use the IPhone and I'm perfectly fine with it bit my screen is too small 4 inches compared to the new ones with 5 inches or more.

I really love big screens and maybe if you don't care to spend more I guess then your best idea is The IPhone, mine hasn't given me any troube which is the 5s but I really want the 6 or 6plus.

But some people have been very happy with Galaxy why don't you try a cheaper of the Galaxy family and if you like it go to the s5. Here in Mexico there are many from the Galaxy family on good prices so try to get one for a while and if you like it when your contract is over you get the more sophisticated with your plan.

That's what my dad just did he got a cheaper version of the Galaxy to fry if he likes android and he says if he likes it then he will latter get the more expensive version of it

Oh I loved Galaxy Note 3 when I tried it at the mall. And when I saw the Youtube video of someone using it. I've never seen functions like that before on cellphone or even laptop. But it was more expensive than I thought. I guess I'll do the buy cheap first strategy.I did the same thing with Nokia Lumia too. Bought the cheapest one, loved it.

Also just curious, if I give someone to fix my Lumia(which isn't switching on), would they crack the password and everything? Or just delete the whole data?

All I know is that when something is seriously wrong with PC, everything on the C drive is deleted and Windows installed again, but D and other drives data remains. Is there something like that for mobiles also?

It's sad that Galaxy 3 is old yet it's price is still so high. I really love the pen. I just feel jotting down notes feels more real than typing. Whenever I write down my goals, I achieve them, but when I type them, I kinda stop caring, lol. They really ought to make handwriting function more better in tablets and mobiles.

I've only stuck to iPhone and in my case when you restore the device the basic apps go in instantly and there is the incould that's once you get in your password all your. On thats and photos which are on the cloud get back to instantly once you sign in into your ing uld account.

Maybe look for someone who can fix it and see if there is a solution bu

Someone checked it out and said something is wrong with the power source. I at first thought it was the battery, but it's the thing which the battery touches. While I can get the data back and the mirco sd has some data too, I really hope the data saved in phone's memory is lost or corrupted forever. Better than people's phone numbers falling into the wrong hands.

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