Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Rachel Weisz, last Mummy movie?

Rachel Weisz, The Final Mummy Movie....Why didn't she do it? I was quite disappointed that she wasn't in the last Mummy movie, I can understand being tired of it but doing one final one for the fans would of been nice....even Brendan did it. Maybe there were too many projects at the time?

Rachel Weisz, Oz The Great and Powerful

Rachel Weisz, Oz The Great and Powerful

It said..  Rachel Weisz wanted way more money than the producers were offering...Wow I just lost some respect for her. I can understand wanting a raise after doing two movies, but not budging at all for the fans and not meeting somewhere in the middle is ridiculous to me. I can't stand when people become so selfish like that where they won't meet half way.

Finally, I totally understood why Rachel Weisz didn't do it at the time. But years later, with the franchise done, it kind of pisses me off. If it really was a negotiation issue, shame on the producers.

Rachel Weisz' Film and television
1992 plays inAdvocates II role as Sarah Thompson in TV movie
1993 plays inInspector Morse role as Arabella Baydon in TV series (Episode: "Twilight of the Gods")
1993 plays inTropical Heat role as Joey in a.k.a. Sweating Bullets; TV series (Episode: "His Pal Joey")
1993 plays inThe Scarlet and the Black role as Mathilde in TV mini-series
1994 plays inWhite Goods role as Elaine
1994 plays inSeventeen in TV short
1994 plays inScreen Two role as Becca in TV series (Episode: "Dirtysomething")
1995 plays inDeath Machine role as Junior Executive
1996 plays inChain Reaction role as Dr. Lily Sinclair
1996 plays inStealing Beauty role as Miranda Fox
1997 plays inBent role as Prostitute
1997 plays inGoing All the Way role as Marty Pilcher
1997 plays inSwept from the Sea role as Amy Foster
1997 plays inI Want You role as Helen
1998 plays inMy Summer with Des role as Rosie
1998 plays inThe Land Girls role as Ag (Agapanthus)
1999 plays inThe Mummy role as Evelyn "Evie" Carnahan
1999 plays inSunshine role as Greta
1999 plays inTube Tales role as Angela
2000 plays inBeautiful Creatures role as Petula
2000 plays inThis Is Not an Exit role as Lauren Hynde
2001 plays inEnemy at the Gates role as Tania Chernova
2001 plays inThe Mummy Returns role as Evelyn Carnahan-O'Connell/Princess Nefertiri
2002 plays inAbout a Boy role as Rachel
2003 plays inConfidence role as Lily
2003 plays inThe Shape of Things role as Evelyn Ann Thompson
2003 plays inRunaway Jury role as Marlee/Gabrielle Brant
2004 plays inEnvy role as Debbie Dingman
2005 plays inConstantine role as Angela and Isabel Dodson
2005 plays inThe Constant Gardener role as Tessa Quayle
2006 plays inThe Fountain role as Izzi/Isabella I of Castile
2006 plays inEragon role as Saphira (voice)
2007 plays inFred Claus role as Wanda
2007 plays inMy Blueberry Nights role as Sue Lynne
2008 plays inDefinitely, Maybe role as Summer Hartley
2008 plays inThe Brothers Bloom role as Penelope
2009 plays inThe Lovely Bones role as Abigail Salmon
2009 plays inAgora role as Hypatia
2010 plays inThe Whistleblower role as Kathryn Bolkovac
2010 plays inThe Simpsons role as Dr. Thurmond, TV series (Episode: "How Munched Is That Birdie in the Window?")
2011 plays in360 role as Rose
2011 plays inPage Eight role as Nancy Pierpan TV movie
2011 plays inDream House role as Libby Atenton
2011 plays inThe Deep Blue Sea role as Hester Collyer New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actress
2012 plays inThe Bourne Legacy role as Dr. Marta Shearing
2013 plays inOz the Great and Powerful role as Evanora
2015 plays inThe Lobster role as Shortsighted Woman
2015 plays inThe Early Years role as Leda Ballinger
2015 plays inThe Light Between Oceans role as Hannah Roennfeldt
2016 plays inUntitled Joshua Marston Project role as Alice

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