Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Rowan Blanchard Meets World..

Wow!! We saw Rowan Blanchard downtown in San Bernadino, and she asked the waitress,"haven't you seen me on TV". Even the family next to us laughed at her asking the clearly hard working waitress that. We always wonder why child actors turn out to be such pieces of sh$! in life.....maybe they start out that way?......

Rowan Blanchard:: Star of Girl Meets World (Pop BIOS)

Take On the World...

She's about like everyone else famous in her age group, which could mean they all are self-absorbed. But she's probably not the worse offender. She might just be like the average teenage girl on twitter and IG, which still might make her self-absorbed.

As far as Rowan is concerned, she hasn't done anything for the average adult to know who she is in person. Spy Kids and this. Just think of who is really famous to people who don't watch Disney and Nick and who isn't.

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