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Smartphones and tablets together (phablets) or separate

Discuss.. Smartphones and tablets together (phablets) or separate?

Guys what do you think of the new famous Phablets (which are phones with 5or 5.5 inch screens) ?
do you like them since it's having a tablet and smartphone in just one device or you prefer them
separately( a 4inch smartphone and a 10 inch tablet) ?

Personally I love the concept but I have them separately

Motorola Moto G (2nd generation) - Global GSM - Unlocked - 8GB

Motorola Moto G (2nd generation) - Global GSM - Unlocked - 8GB

I really like the concept. But since there's danger of cellphone snatching here, I'm considering buying a separate mobile and tablet. Cheap mobile for outdoor use. A good tablet for indoor use :-)

Sounds crazy but yes actually it's cheaper getting them separately.

Right now the 7 inch Galaxy tab is actually 149 or something like that and you get small smartphone and you are perfectky fine. Having them together is kind of a luxury.

You can also do it Woth Apple you get the 5s and the iPad mini or air 1 and its a better deal in price

Sounds crazy but yes actually it's cheaper getting them separately.

Indeed. Yet people still look at me like I suggested they go kiss a poisonous snake, lol. And you know if the tablet goes out of commission, atleast your phone is still working and vice versa. But I understand if you have a lot of waiting time outside(at the bus while going to work or after), you don't need a big tablet with you and other people sneaking glances watching what you're doing.

Lol yes and never thought about this advantage before but so true, getting separte is protecting your self to not loosing two devices in one and cheaper to replace them as well.

I love phablets and I really want one : the IPhone 6plus to be exact but I don't mind having my iPad and my iPhone sperately, well sometimes when I go to the office and won't get back home soon then it's when I wished my phone had a bigger screen.

Haha...yes that's the thing. That's why people just go for a larger mobile than two separate things. It's so they won't get bored.

So true.

Well after much hair pulling research, I think I may go for Galaxy Note 3 Neo. The poor man's galaxy note.But that's okay, it's my first note with a pen so I feel like I should start with something less expensive.

I really tried the whole tablet and cheap cellphone thing, but looks like retailers here are smarter. All the good quality and 2GB tablets available here are above my price range. And the cheaper ones just won't do for me.

That's a great choice.
Put your review when you get it I'm curious to know more about the Galaxy snd see if it's a good option to maybe get a small tablet for when I go to work and get home late.

I have my iPad but it's a little too big for my purse.

Well I finally got a new phone. But it's isn't Galaxy Note 3 Neo. When I got to the store, it wasn't available. My Dad didn't want to take another trip to the mobile store after I took a day or two to decide on another phone so he got me the Galaxy Note 3! I feel guilty and terrified because of the expensiveness of the phone, but I'm also giddy, lol.

Though it's choke full of apps, one thing unfortunately isn't awesome is the Office app. The final touches on the docs when you're ready to submit them, that I use the PC to do. Otherwise, editting, writing paragraphs, moving whole paragraphs that was done on my 4 inch Nokia Lumia screen. Which was really handy now that I realize. Now having a very powerful Android phone, I find it ridiculous that it can't perform those simple tasks. I was actually looking forward to writing in word docs using the S-pen.

It sort of reminds me of that hi-tech watch in Spy Kids. It could shoot lasers, make breakfast and do a thousand other things, but it couldn't tell time. While Lumia can't do quarter of the things Note 3 can, its Office Suite was light years better than Android phone. But thankfully, Google seems to be releasing Android for work apps so let's see.

Two other things Note 3 can't do which my Nokia Lumia could easily: connect to the PC easily for transfer of files and play avi. files. I needed no codec or downloads to do play vids unlike in Galaxy Note 3, but the quality isn’t as good when playing movie files using downloaded app rather than the phone’s own video player. So again this seems a bit ridiculous.

But I think the best thing I discovered is Air Droid app. No use of wires for transferring stuff between PC and phone :-) But the thing is what if you don't have a wifi connection? Then it would be a problem and wires would be needed.

Another thing which is bugging me is that battery is drained really quickly. When I started typing my review it was 98%, now as I’m reaching the end, it’s 95%. And I’m typing on my laptop right now and haven’t even touched the phone!

But other than that. The phone has a 5.7 inch screen. So it’s big, but doesn’t seem so big that it’s annoying. But I’m definitely getting a very very cheap phone and a duplicate sim when I go outside for a stroll.

Oh and the Note 3 is fast. Almost as fast as PC. Which makes sense since the phone is 3GB RAM and my laptop has 4GB of RAM. And with that USB 3.0 port, I think you can actually connect wireless mouse and keyboard. Not to mention usb drives through a usb dock. I haven’t tried that but I watched a YouTube video once where some guy did it. Oh and S-pen is fun. Though you gotta definitely get used to it. But you can easily write and your text will be converted.

And the screen resolution is beautiful. More than my dell laptop screen. There are other things haven’t figured out. But if the Note 3 can solve all the above problems I stated, especially about getting a decent Office, then I would totally fall in love with Android and this Note 3 and would have my eye for no other brand :-D

I think this is the first time I wrote a review about a phone :-) I think I'll keep updating as I discover more features and problems.

Speaking of problems, I remember when the first time I shut down the Note 3 and then opened it in the morning. It started in safe mode. Safe mode starts when there's some kind of serious problem, though I didn't know at that time and I just switched it off and it started again normally. It hasn't done that since then.

Another thing is that when I connected to PC for the first time, my AVAST anti-virus detected a virus. Or my Note 3 was a virus to it. I'm not sure. But after that I didn't risk connecting it again as I want my laptop to be fine and healthy as I'm working on a thesis.

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