Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Voodooshield, Free software

Voodooshield, Free software, free software without any junk in it.

it looks like it's a great layer of protection for your laptop / desktop that is easy to setup and very light on resources (i.e. nearly no CPU cycles and only 10-15MB of RAM) which i would never recommend some bloated software.

OS X Yosemite: The Missing Manual, by David Pogue

OS X Yosemite: The Missing Manual, by David Pogue

this software is only good for preventing you from getting virus/malware and other junk in the first place, primarily through your web browser, as if they are already on your system this will do nothing to stop them. so in other words... if your system is in good running order this will help keep it that way especially for people who might visit dodgy websites which are more likely to have something shady trying to exploit your system.

it pretty much prevents any executable files etc from running that you do not approve which is setup when you initially configure the software in it's 'training mode' as you simply set it to training mode and then load up the software you typically use and it will automatically add them to it's whitelist (i.e. programs the software allows to run) and after that's setup you then change it back to 'smart mode' which basically turns on the protection. if you temporarily need to install a program you can simply disable it briefly and after installation you can set it to training mode once again and once the new program is allowed you then put it in it's smart mode (basically turns voodooshield on) and then forget about it. once setup you don't even notice it being there but should there be some sort of flaw in your browser being exploited voodooshield will stop it from infecting anything on your system since it blocks everything that you did not approve of.

so in other words... in a way, it's better than any anti-virus software can ever be (and uses less resources to) simply because it does not allow anything to run that you did not approve of during it's initial setup which is not hard to do. but with that said i would still keep your regular anti-virus software installed (Voodooshield will not interfere with your regular anti-virus program). basically anti-virus software is like a filter, which is not fool proof given there is a ton of exploits etc out there that might not be blocked with regular anti-virus software, where as this Voodooshield stops everything from running that you do no approve of which is actually better but like i say if something shady on you system was allowed in during your initial setup of voodooshield then it won't stop it.

also, in case you allow something and need to edit the software that's allowed it has a whitelist (i.e. right click the program and select "View Log / Snapshot") you can delete entries from so they will no longer run.

they just recently released v2.22 which should fix the bugs i noticed before in the previous release v2.12 which where a bit of a issue.

update of the program. now it's at v2.30

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