Saturday, 11 April 2015

Cara Delevingne, an "it" girl?

Cara Delevingne, considered an "it" girl? She's very popular among teenage girls online. It's more her personality than her work that people have connected with. Cara is just awesome, it's a rare quality in this dark world. What makes her special is that her craziness is pure.

Cara Delevingne, an "it" girl, she's absolutely beautiful that's why. Pharrell is like 40. Reese Witherspoon, Rihanna's closest I guess. Sexy gothic look to her, it's the eyeliner. The hottest thing about Cara that she's friends with Rihanna... the eyebrows. Other than the eyebrows she's a little plain... but her eyebrows make her face come alive.

Cara Delevingne, The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

Cara Delevingne, The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

Cara Delevingne, Echantress..Out of all the talented/beautiful actresses working today that probably would be up for the role they went with a model who has just started out as an actress. You could argue she was cast cuz she's famous but that wouldn't matter considering the rest of the cast would get a lot of people to go see suicide squad (the movie). It's possible she could be good tho.

Cara Delevingne's Films:
2012 plays in Anna Karenina role as Princess Sorokina
2014 plays in Reincarnation by Chanel role as Naughty Barmaid, Empress Elisabeth of Austria
2014 plays in The Face of an Angel role as Melanie
2014 plays in The Feeling Nuts Comedy Night role as Herself, in Television film
2015 plays in Kids in Love role as Viola
2015 plays in Tulip Fever role as Henrietta
2015 plays in London Fields role as Kath Talent
2015 plays in Paper Towns role as Margo Roth Spiegelman
2015 plays in Pan role as Mermaid
2016 plays in Suicide Squad role as June Moone / Enchantress

Cara Delevingne's Televisions:
2014 plays in Playhouse Presents role as Chloe, in Episode: "Timeless"

Cara Delevingne's Music videos:
2014 plays in Die Antwoord role as Ugly Boy

Cara Delevingne's Video games:
2013 plays in Grand Theft Auto V role as Non-Stop-Pop FM DJ, in Voice

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