Saturday, 25 April 2015

Charlie Cox, Sexy on Boardwalk Empire..

Charlie Cox is Sexy on Boardwalk Empire, Especially in season 3. He has that Seth Bullock swagger and that constant lecherous look in his eyes. He's just insanely hot on the show.

Charlie Cox, Boardwalk Empire

Charlie Cox, Boardwalk Empire

This role has bumped Charlie Cox to the front of the line of possible new husbands, just ahead of Evan Peters for american horror story. I feel funny when I see him ;)

It's the swagger....and the norn irish accent, which he does to perfection (a tough gig - no one ever seems to get it right!)

First noticed him in stardust. But he was really charming in the "theory of everything"

Charlie Cox's Films:
2003 plays in dot the i role as Theo
2004 plays in The Merchant of Venice role as Lorenzo
2005 plays in Things to Do Before You're 30 role as Danny
2005 plays in Casanova role as Giovanni Bruni
2006 plays in A for Andromeda role as Dennis Bridger, Television film
2006 plays in The Maidens' Conspiracy role as Diafebus
2007 plays in Stardust role as Tristan Thorne
2008 plays in Harry, Henry and the Prostitute role as Harry, Short film
2008 plays in Stone of Destiny role as Ian Hamilton
2009 plays in Big Guy role as Chuck, Short film
2009 plays in Perfect role as Paul, Short film
2009 plays in Glorious 39 role as Lawrence
2011 plays in There Be Dragons role as Josemaría Escrivá
2011 plays in Nancy, Sid and Sergio role as N/A, Short film
2012 plays in A Sunny Morning role as Adam, Short film
2013 plays in Hello Carter role as Carter
2013 plays in Legacy role as Charles Thoroughgood, Television film
2014 plays in The Theory of Everything role as Jonathan Hellyer Jones

Charlie Cox' Televisions:
2002 plays in Judge John Deed role as Young Vicar, Episode: "Everyone's Child"
2006 plays in Lewis role as Danny Griffon, Pilot
2010 plays in Downton Abbey role as Duke of Crowborough, Episode "1.1"
2011 plays in Moby Dick role as Ishmael, 2 episodes
2011–2012 plays in Boardwalk Empire role as Owen Sleater, 20 episodes
2013 plays in The Ordained role as Tom Reilly, Pilot
2015–present plays in Daredevil role as Matt Murdock/Daredevil, 13 episodes

Charlie Cox' Stages:
2005 plays in 'Tis Pity She's a Whore role as Giovanni, Southwark Playhouse
2008 plays in The Collection role as Bill, Ambassadors Theatre
2010 plays in The Prince of Homburg role as The Prince of Homburg, Donmar Warehouse

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