Sunday, 26 April 2015

Deborah Ann Woll, Daredevil, Trueblood..

Deborah Ann Woll, Loving her on Daredevil. She is really showing off her acting skills also. In the first couple of episodes she gets to show a bit of range. This role will get her a lot of attention!

I watched the whole Daredevil season in a couple of days and was really impressed with her. Such a great talent who's also gorgeous. Love her hair colour.

Deborah Ann Woll, True Blood Premiere Edition Autograph Card by Deborah Ann Woll as Jessica Hamby

Deborah Ann Woll, True Blood Premiere Edition Autograph Card by Deborah Ann Woll as Jessica Hamby

In Trueblood I thought, yeah she is a pretty face and a decent actor in an ensemble cast. After daredevil I think she should be a leading actor in many more films. Screen presence, good acting and extremely cute/attractive.

I think Deborah Ann Woll, she's gorgeous on True Blue, and from what I've read about Brianna so far, it seems like she would be a good fit. She's tall, given not 6ft, but 5'10" is damn close. . .(plus, not many actors are 6'3" for Roger, anyway). Perfect colouring, blue eyes, red hair, pale skin, she's even got some freckles she covers up. She's American, obviously. . .but, Brianna has a soft American accent anyway, so no problems with learning a Scottish accent.

Definitely.. Deborah Ann Woll, She looks absolutely stunning.

Deborah Ann Woll, She's perfect!

Deborah Ann Woll's Films:
2008 plays in Aces 'n Eights role as Terrified woman , Television film
2010 plays in Mother's Day role as Lydia Koffin
2011 plays in Catch .44 role as Dawn
2011 plays in Little Murder role as Molly
2011 plays in Highland Park role as Lilly
2011 plays in Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You role as Gillian Sveck
2011 plays in Seven Days in Utopia role as Sarah
2012 plays in Ruby Sparks role as Lila
2013 plays in Meet Me in Montenegro role as Kristen
TBA plays in Rosaline role as Rosaline

2007 plays in Life role as Nancy
2008 plays in ER role as Aurora Quill
2008 plays in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation role as Stephane
2008 plays in My Name Is Earl role as Greta , 2 episodes
2008–14 plays in True Blood role as Jessica Hamby , Main role
2009 plays in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit role as Lily Milton
2009 plays in The Mentalist role as Kerry Sheehan
2015 plays in Daredevil role as Karen Page , Main role

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