Friday, 17 April 2015

Ed Skrein, Game of thrones..

Ed Skrein, Game of thrones..Wish he had stayed on thought he was perfect in his role..he was absolutely gorgeous & gave my chocha the tingles lol...the new guy not so much

Ed Skrein, Ill Manors

Ed Skrein, Ill Manors

but... He quit GOT to star in the reboot of The Transporter,

Ed Skrein's Films:
2012 plays in The Sweeney role as David
2012 plays in Ill Manors role as Edward "Ed" Richardson
2014 plays in Tiger House role as Callum
2014 plays in Northmen: A Viking Saga role as Hjorr
2015 plays in The Transporter: Refueled role as Frank Martin
2015 plays in Kill Your Friends role as Rent
2016 plays in Deadpool

2013 plays in The Tunnel role as Anthony Walsh
2013 plays in Game of Thrones role as Daario Naharis , Season 3

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