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Elsa Pataky, speak Spanish, French,Romanian,Italian?

Elsa Pataky, does she really speak Spanish, French, Romanian,Italian? Lol, of course she would. Most Spaniards understand and learn easily italian as well as portuguese.

Elsa Pataky, She lived with Michael Youn who is french. She acted in some french movie, so she must speak french too, which is probably the second or third language learned at school in Spain.

Elsa Pataky, Ihola! March 2014: Elsa Pataky Confidencias En Malibu, Dias Antes De Dar a Luz a Sus Mellizos

Elsa Pataky, Ihola! March 2014: Elsa Pataky Confidencias En Malibu, Dias Antes De Dar a Luz a Sus Mellizos

As for romanian, Elsa Pataky' mother is romanian-hungarian. So she probably spoke to her daugther in romanian while her father spoke to her in spanish as she was growing.

Also, Romanian, Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese are latin languages, They have the same latin roots with words that are kinda similar and therefore can be easily understood and learned by those who speak one of those.

Most Europeans are at the very least billingual and when parents are from two different nationalities, it usually goes to 3 languages.

Plus european countries are small and many of us work in one country while living in the neighbouring one which could be like 60 to 90 minutes by train. Some work in Brussels, Belgium and go back on weekends to London or Kholn (Germany), for example.

Hence why being multilingual is paramaount in Europe as we don't need a working permit or visa to live in one of the EU countries, but we need the language in order to apply for a job in another european country than our own.

Elsa Pataky's Films:
1997 plays in Solo en la buhardilla role as Chica revista Short
2000 plays in The Art of Dying role as Candela
2000 plays in Tatawo role as Blanqui
2000 plays in Less Is More role as Diana
2001 plays in Don't Tempt Me role as Waitress in Hell
2001 plays in Twelfth Night role as Marta Cuspineda
2002 plays in Peor imposible ¿qué puede fallar? role as Fátima
2003 plays in Beyond Re-Animator role as Laura Olney
2003 plays in El furgón role as Nina
2003 plays in Atraco a las 3... y media role as Katya
2004 plays in Romasanta: The Werewolf Hunt role as Barbara
2004 plays in Tiovivo c. 1950 role as Balbina
2005 plays in Iznogoud role as Prehti-Ouhman
2005 plays in Arquitectura efímera deconstruida role as Vídeo 'Retorciendo palabras' Video
2005 plays in Ninette role as Alajandra 'Ninette'
2006 plays in Snakes on a Plane role as Maria
2007 plays in Manual of Love 2 role as Cecilia
2008 plays in Máncora role as Ximena Saavedra
2008 plays in Skate or Die role as Dany
2008 plays in Santos role as Laura Luna
2009 plays in Giallo role as Celine
2009 plays in Give 'Em Hell, Malone role as Evelyn
2010 plays in Mr. Nice role as Ilza Kadegis
2010 plays in Di Di Hollywood role as Di Di
2011 plays in La importancia de llamarse Enesto , Short
2011 plays in Fast Five role as Elena Neves
2011 plays in Where the Road Meets the Sun role as Michelle
2011 plays in Snowflake, the White Gorilla role as Bruja del Norte , aka Copito de nieve
2013 plays in All Things to All Men role as Sophia Peters
2013 plays in Fast & Furious 6 role as Elena Neves
2013 plays in The Wine of Summer role as Veronica , Also producer
2013 plays in Thor: The Dark World role as Jane Foster , Uncredited; stood in for Natalie Portman
2015 plays in Furious 7 role as Elena Neves

Elsa Pataky's Televisions:
1997 plays in Al salir de clase role as Raquel Alonso , 192 Episodes
1998 plays in Tio Willy , 1 Episode
1998 plays in La vida en el aire , 13 Episodes
2000 plays in Hospital Central role as Maribel , 2 Episodes
2000 plays in Queen of Swords role as Vera Hidalgo , 14 Episodes
2002 plays in Clara , TV movie
2002 plays in Paraíso role as Luisa , 1 Episode: "El cebo"
2003 plays in 7 vidas role as Cristina , 1 Episode: "La jaula de las locas"
2003 plays in Los Serrano role as Raquel Albaladejo , 11 Episodes
2005 plays in Films to Keep You Awake: The Christmas Tale role as Ekran , TV movie
2009 plays in Mujeres asesinas role as Paula Moncada , 1 Episode: "Ana y Paula, ultrajadas"

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