Monday, 6 April 2015

Kelly Brook, pics, career..

Kelly Brook, Pics from Cancun, Very gorgeous as always. She's wonderful. Still hot looking, even with a little extra weight on her.

She has pictures that were in the leaked iPhone scandal. Kelly Brook has an amazing body with perfect proportions. She is gorgeous and curvy, its the real healthy look.

Kelly Brook, Autobiography: My Story

Kelly Brook, Autobiography: My Story

About her career, when I saw Survival Island on hbo years ago and I enjoyed it. That and house of 9 were two good movies she had released that year. All indicators were that she had arrived and would go on to great things. I remember in the mid 2000's, people were buzzing about her and she was making top 100 sexy lists, etc. But it seems to have slowed. I wish she could get some more roles.

In the UK, Kelly Brook, she's still really popular. She's always in the papers and is currently a celebrity guest on a panel show called Celebrity Juice.

To be fair, the mid 2000s were quite a while ago. Kelly Brook is 35 now so she's probably not as interested in making it into those lists etc. Though she has a calendar out which looks amazing from what I can see. She's still really big in her home country.

Kelly Brook's Films:
2000 plays in Sorted role as Sarah
2001 plays in Ripper role as Marisa Tavares
2003 plays in Absolon role as Claire
2003 plays in The Italian Job role as Lyle's Girlfriend
2004 plays in School for Seduction role as Sophia Rosselini
2005 plays in House of 9 role as Lea
2005 plays in Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo role as Beautiful Woman in Painting
2005 plays in Survival Island (also known as Three) role as Jennifer
2006 plays in In the Mood role as Eva, short film
2007 plays in Fishtales role as Neried
2010 plays in Piranha 3D role as Danni Arslow
2010 plays in Removal role as Kirby
2012 plays in Keith Lemon: The Film role as Herself

Kelly Brook's Televisions:
1996 plays in Fist of Fun role as Suzanne, 2 episodes of series 2
1999 plays in The Big Breakfast role as Herself, Co-presenter, for 6 months
2001 plays in The (Mis)Adventures of Fiona Plum role as Fiona Plum, TV film
2002 plays in Smallville role as Victoria Hardwick, 4 episodes in season 1
2005 plays in Romy and Michele: In the Beginning role as Linda Fashiobella, TV film
2006 plays in Agatha Christie's Marple role as Elsie Holland, The Moving Finger
2007 plays in Hotel Babylon role as Lady Catherine Stanwood, season 2 episode 3
2009 plays in Moving Wallpaper role as Kelly Brook, fictional version of herself 5 episodes
2009 plays in Renaissance role as –, pilot in Moving Wallpaper, screened on[47]
2009 plays in Britain's Got Talent role as Judge, judge on the judging panel 2 episodes
2011 plays in Skins role as Jemima, 1 episode, Series 5, Episode 3
2012–2013 plays in Celebrity Juice role as Herself, 1 episode in series 8, Series 9 team captain
2012 plays in Lemon la Vida Loca role as Herself, 1 episode
2012 plays in M├ętal Hurlant Chronicles role as Skarr, Jen, 2 episodes
2013 plays in NTSF:SD:SUV:: role as Anna, 1 episode
2013 plays in Trollied role as Herself, 1 episode
2015– plays in One Big Happy role as Prudence, Regular
2015 plays in Taking Stock role as Kate

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