Saturday, 4 April 2015

Luke Evans, play a Villain again?

Watched Luke Evans, in Dracula: Untold.. He was great.. He was awesome as Driver in No One Lives and as Owen Shaw in F6. He was great in Dracula Untold too, but he wasn't villain there, just desperate man. He has such magnetic presence on screen and such dark charisma for this type of roles. I personally would like to see him in more serious dramatic roles. Villain or not doesn't matter really.

Luke Evans, Dracula Untold

Luke Evans, Dracula Untold

Luke's Latest Projects.. After having been tried by Hollywood in his first gig as a movie star, it's the first hint that he will not be able to get major roles again. Playing second fiddle to Boseman, that's not the way to go. His Dracula was well performed and did reasonably well.

Luke Evans is a Good option for next James Bond, He has got the talent, the physique, the looks... :)

Luke Evans' Films:
2002 plays in Taboo role as Billy, Video
2009 plays in Don't Press Benjamin's Buttons role as Benjamin's Father, Short
2010 plays in Cowards and Monsters role as Paul, Short
2010 plays in Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll role as Clive Richards
2010 plays in Clash of the Titans role as Apollo
2010 plays in Robin Hood role as Sheriff's Thug
2010 plays in Tamara Drewe role as Andy Cobb
2011 plays in Blitz role as DI Craig Stokes
2011 plays in The Three Musketeers role as Aramis
2011 plays in Immortals role as Zeus
2011 plays in Flutter role as Adrian
2012 plays in Ashes role as Crewcut
2012 plays in The Raven role as Inspector Emmett Fields
2012 plays in No One Lives role as Driver
2012 plays in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey role as Girion, Lord of Dale, Extended Edition only
2013 plays in Fast & Furious 6 role as Owen Shaw
2013 plays in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug role as Bard / Girion, Lord of Dale
2013 plays in The Great Train Robbery role as Bruce Reynolds, TV Series: 2 Episodes
2014 plays in Dracula Untold role as Vlad III ČšepeČ™/Dracula
2014 plays in The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies role as Bard
2015 plays in High Rise role as Richard Wilder

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