Thursday, 9 April 2015

Merritt Patterson

Merritt Patterson, Beautiful, Saw her on Iron Invader.. She did a great job as Claire. She is so beautiful. I love her eyes, and her cute kissable pouty lips. Great body also. Here's to much success Merritt. [[smile]]

she is sooo much hotter in person than she is in these pics, she even has a profile on this imdb thing. But ya, she is really nice and very very good looking.

Merritt Patterson, Wolves

Merritt Patterson, Wolves

..a red band (or green band) trailer and poster for WOLVES, looks like THE LOST BOYS with werewolves..

Merritt Patterson, She Looks like Megan Fox! I was just think ing the same thing while watching Radio Rebel!! They could be sisters, the resemblance is crazy. Way more beautiful & healthy looking!

Merritt Patterson's Films:
2010 plays in Percy Jackson role as Le Voleur de foudre
2011 plays in Next Door Nightmare role as Une fille (court métrage)
2012 plays in Revel role as Hera (court métrage)
2014 plays in Kid Cannabis role as Nicole Greffard
2014 plays in Wolves role as Angelina Timmins
2014 plays in Primary role as Sara Jasper (téléfilm)

Merritt Patterson's Televisions:
2006 plays in Kyle XY role as Ashleigh Redmond
2009 plays in Supernatural role as Une pompom-girl
2009 plays in The Hole role as Jessica (téléfilm)
2010 plays in Life Unexpected role as Nicole
2011 plays in The Troop role as Miranda
2011 plays in Iron Invalder role as Claire (téléfilm)
2012 plays in Enceinte avant la fac role as Maddie (téléfilm)
2012 plays in Appelez-moi DJ Rebel role as Stacy DeBane (téléfilm)
2012 plays in Rufus role as Tracy (téléfilm)
2012 plays in The Selection role as Ashley Brouillette (téléfilm)
2013 plays in Ravenswood role as Olivia Matheson
2014 plays in Under the Apple (téléfilm)[réf. nécessaire]
2015 plays in The Royals role as Ophelia

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