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Monica Bellucci, 50, the most beautiful woman in history

Monica Bellucci, 50 and still the most beautiful woman in history. Fact! And not just because she would make the Gods jealous of her... Monica Bellucci, Jennifer Beals, Sandra Bullock, Marisa Tomei, Betsy Russell. Seems like all of the hottest women are 50 now.

Indeed. Shes smoking hot as well..She was a class above, a flawless goddess in her prime.Yeah, she's gorgeous; I'd toss her salad.

Monica Bellucci, A Burning Hot Summer..

Monica Bellucci, A Burning Hot Summer..

Monica Bellucci, she's gorgeous; I'd toss her salad.. I'm so glad that beautiful actresses like her, Jennifer Connelly, and Rachel Weisz have aged gracefully and naturally. I wish other beauties I'm fond of, like Catherine Zeta-Jones and Lara Flynn Boyle, were the case as well.

Just happened to be browsing through her facts and I was ultimately surprised she is 50. That truly makes her not hot, but super hot!50 years old and still Hella Good Lookin!

Monica Bellucci's Films:
1990 plays in Vita coi figli role as Elda
1990 plays in Briganti – Amore e libertà role as Costanza
1991 plays in La riffa role as Francesca
1992 plays in Bram Stoker's Dracula role as One of Dracula's brides
1992 plays in Ostinato Destino role as Marina/Angela
1994 plays in I Mitici role as Deborah
1995 plays in Snowball role as Melina
1995 plays in Bits and Pieces role as
1995 plays in Joseph role as Pharaoh's wife
1996 plays in The Apartment role as Lisa
1996 plays in Sorellina e il principe del sogno role as Princess
1997 plays in Stressati role as
1997 plays in Dobermann role as Nat the Gypsy
1997 plays in Mauvais genre role as Camille
1997 plays in Come mi vuoi role as Nellina
1998 plays in Le Plaisir (fr) role as Girl
1998 plays in Compromise role as Monique
1998 plays in L'ultimo Capodanno role as Giulia Giovannini
1998 plays in A los que aman role as Valeria
1999 plays in Comme un poisson hors de l'eau (fr) role as Myrtille
1999 plays in Méditerranées (fr) role as Marguerite
2000 plays in Under Suspicion role as Chantal Hearst
2000 plays in Franck Spadone role as Laura
2000 plays in Malèna role as Malèna Scordia
2001 plays in Brotherhood of the Wolf role as Sylvia
2002 plays in Astérix & Obélix: Mission Cléopâtre role as Cleopatra
2002 plays in Irréversible role as Alex
2003 plays in Remember Me, My Love role as Alessia
2003 plays in Tears of the Sun role as Lena Fiore Kendricks
2003 plays in The Matrix Reloaded role as Persephone
2003 plays in Enter the Matrix role as Persephone
2003 plays in The Matrix Revolutions role as Persephone
2004 plays in The Passion of the Christ role as Mary Magdalene
2004 plays in Secret Agents role as Barbara/Lisa
2004 plays in She Hate Me role as Simona Bonasera
2005 plays in The Brothers Grimm role as The Mirror Queen
2005 plays in How Much Do You Love Me? role as Daniela
2006 plays in Sheitan role as La belle vampiresse
2006 plays in Napoleon and Me role as Baroness Emilia Speziali
2006 plays in The Stone Council (fr) role as Laura Siprien
2007 plays in Heartango role as L'inafferrabile
2007 plays in Manual of Love 2 role as Lucia
2007 plays in Shoot 'Em Up role as Donna Quintano
2007 plays in Le deuxième souffle role as Manouche
2008 plays in Sanguepazzo role as Luisa Ferida
2008 plays in L'uomo che ama role as Alba
2009 plays in Don't Look Back role as Jeanne
2009 plays in The Private Lives of Pippa Lee role as Gigi Lee
2009 plays in Baarìa – La porta del vento role as Bricklayer's girlfriend
2009 plays in Omaggio a Roma role as Tosca
2010 plays in The Whistleblower role as Laura Levin
2010 plays in The Sorcerer's Apprentice role as Veronica
2010 plays in Rose, c'est Paris role as L'esprit de gala
2011 plays in Manuale d'amore 3 role as Viola
2011 plays in A Burning Hot Summer role as Angèle
2012 plays in Rhino Season role as Mina
2013 plays in Des gens qui s'embrassent (People who kiss) role as Giovanna
2014 plays in Lungo la Via Lattea (On the Milky Road) retitled : Love & War role as
2014 plays in Le meraviglie role as Milly Catena
2015 plays in Spectre role as Lucia Sciarra

2005 plays in Robots role as Cappy (French voice-dub)

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