Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Nathalie Emmanuel, hottest actress on Game of Thrones

Nathalie Emmanuel, Um, Gorgeous Much? she might be the hottest actress on Game of Thrones, and that's quite a list. She's better looking than the overrated (in every way possible) Emilia Clark, that's for sure.

And while I recognized Nathalie Emmanuel was attractive from her first appearance, it wasn't until that episode where she's bathing naked in the river that I was like, and saw her in a new light. Part of that, I think, is that her character is 11 years old in the books, so I wasn't even expecting her to be a woman on the show.

Nathalie Emmanuel, Game of Thrones

Nathalie Emmanuel, Game of Thrones

Nathalie Emmanuel is and amazingly attractive woman. Perfect everything. Gorgeous Images of her from 'The Mountain and the Viper' ep of Game of Thrones:

Such a beautiful woman! I saw her in Hollyoaks years ago and thought Nathalie Emmanuel she was a lovely young lady, but now- wow, she is totally captivating and methinks she has a huge career ahead. The end of season 4 means no Nathalie- I hope she's cast in other roles very, very soon!

Nathalie Emmanuel's Films:
2012 plays in Twenty8k role as Carla
2015 plays in Furious 7 role as Megan Ramsey
2015 plays in The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials role as Harriet

Nathalie Emmanuel's Televisions:
2006–10 plays in Hollyoaks role as Sasha Valentine, Main cast (17 July 2006 – 13 August 2010)
2008 plays in Hollyoaks Later role as Sasha Valentine, Main cast (Series 1)
2009 plays in Hollyoaks: The Morning After the Night Before role as Sasha Valentine, Main cast
2011 plays in Casualty role as Cheryl Hallows, Episode: "Only Human"
2011 plays in Misfits role as Charlie, Episode: "3.1"
2013–present plays in Game of Thrones role as Missandei, Recurring (Series 3–4), Main cast (Series 5–present), 15 episodes

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