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Norman Reedus, noticed, The Walking Dead

Norman Reedus, One more Boondock? I really hope that Norman, Sean and Troy can get it together to round out the Boondock Saints trilogy. Boondock Saints. Loved him ever since.. [[love4]] Was THRILLED when I found out he would be on The Walking Dead. My fave show on tv.. [[yes]]

Norman Reedus, The Walking Dead

Norman Reedus, The Walking Dead

The first thing I actually ever saw Norman Reedus in was the "Judas" video, I just didn't pay much attention. The first thing I noticed him on was TWD, The Walking Dead. This made me want to see other things he'd been in, and that's when I discovered and fell in love with The Boondock Saints I & II. This led me to be oh-so-fortunate to be able to meet him, Sean, and Rocco at the Portland, OR Comic Con in February of this year. I've since seen pretty much everything else he's done, my favorites being Tough Luck and A Crime. I just think he's so awesome.

Norman Reedus' Films:
1997 plays in Mimic Jeremy
1998 plays in I'm Losing You role as Toby
1998 plays in Six Ways to Sunday role as Harold
1998 plays in Reach the Rock role as Danny
1998 plays in Dark Harbor role as Young Man
1998 plays in Davis Is Dead role as Larry
1999 plays in Let the Devil Wear Black role as Brautigan
1999 plays in 8MM role as Warren Anderson
1999 plays in Floating role as Van , Special Jury Award for Best Acting Performance
1999 plays in The Boondock Saints role as Murphy MacManus
2000 plays in Beat role as Lucien Carr
2000 plays in Gossip role as Travis
2000 plays in Bad Seed role as Jonathan Casey
2000 plays in Sand role as Jack
2001 plays in The Beatnicks role as Nick Nero
2002 plays in Luster role as Sextools Delivery Boy
2002 plays in Blade II role as Scud
2002 plays in Deuces Wild role as Marco
2003 plays in Nobody Needs to Know role as Kurt
2003 plays in Tough Luck role as Archie
2003 plays in Octane (Pulse) role as Recovery Man
2004 plays in Until the Night role as Robert
2004 plays in Ôsama no kampô (Great Wall Great Medicine) role as Norman
2005 plays in Antibodies role as Polizist Schmitz
2005 plays in The Notorious Bettie Page role as Billy Neal
2005 plays in Comfortably Numb role as Buddy Flemming
2006 plays in 13 Graves role as Norman , Television film
2006 plays in Walls role as Henry Flesh , Short film
2006 plays in A Crime role as Vincent Harris
2006 plays in I Thought of You role as , Short film. Writer, director
2006 plays in Killer Queen role as Jack Trust
2007 plays in American Gangster role as Detective Norman Reilly
2007 plays in Moscow Chill role as Ray Perso
2008 plays in Hero Wanted role as Swain , Direct-to-video
2008 plays in Meet Me in Berlin role as Unnamed American , Short Film
2008 plays in Red Canyon role as Mac
2008 plays in Dead*Line role as Seth , Short film
2008 plays in Clown role as Lucien , Short film
2008 plays in Cadillac Records role as Chess Records Engineer
2008 plays in Echoes of Extinction role as Eric Richards
2008 plays in Styrofoam Soul role as Joe
2009 plays in The Chase role as Dangerous Guy
2009 plays in Messengers 2: The Scarecrow role as John Rollins , Direct-to-video
2009 plays in Pandorum role as Shepard
2009 plays in The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day role as Murphy MacManus
2010 plays in Meskada role as Dennis Burrows
2010 plays in The Conspirator role as Lewis Payne
2010 plays in Ollie Klublershturf vs. The Nazi role as Barry , Short film
2010 plays in 8 Uhr 28 role as Stranger
2011 plays in Hello Herman role as Lax Morales
2012 plays in Night of the Templar role as Henry Flesh
2013 plays in Iron Man: Rise of Technovore role as Frank Castle / The Punisher . Voice, Direct-to-video
2013 plays in Sunlight Jr. role as Justin
2013 plays in Pawn Shop Chronicles role as Stanley
2014 plays in Stretch role as Norman Reedus
2015 plays in Air role as Bauer
2015 plays in Triple Nine

Norman Reedus' Televisions:
2003 plays in Charmed role as Nate Parks , Season 5 Episodes 19, 20, and 21
2005 plays in Masters of Horror role as Kirby , Episode: "John Carpenter's Cigarette Burns"
2006 plays in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit role as Derek Lord , Episode: "Influence" Season 7 Episode 22
2010 plays in Hawaii Five-0 role as Anton Hesse , Episode: "Pilot"
2010–present plays in The Walking Dead role as Daryl Dixon , Season 1 (Recurring; 4 episodes)

Norman Reedus' Video games:
2013 plays in The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct role as Daryl Dixon Voice
2014 plays in Silent Hills , Voice and motion capture

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