Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Olesya Rulin, Extremely hot body!!

I didn't know Olesya Rulin was that hot!! I saw her in "Urban Legends: Blood Mary." Incredibly gorgeous face! Nice body fat to her ratio. Hard to believe that scrawny skinny chick she played in High School Musical was here! lol. I was never fan of HSM anyways.

She is a stunning girl, very hot

Olesya Rulin, A Thousand Cuts

Olesya Rulin, A Thousand Cuts

I've only seen her in HTH (I don't even remember her being the troll) and HSM, but she looked SO pretty at the end of HSM.

Apparently you guys never seen "Urband Legends: Bloody Mary." THAT wasn't a "disney" type movie. Olesya Rulin showed some really nice heeer in that movie. Heeer scene was purely for the purpose of showing hot her. The guy looking even winked at her and said "nice!" She looked 100x better in that movie than in the High School Musical movies.

Olesya Rulin's Films:
2001 plays in Hounded role as Girl #1, Disney Channel Original Movie
2001 plays in The Poof Point role as Annie, Disney Channel Original Movie
2004 plays in Halloweentown High role as Natalie the Pink Troll, Disney Channel Original Movie
2005 plays in Urban Legends: Bloody Mary role as Mindy, Direct-to-video film
2005 plays in Mobsters and Mormons role as Julie Jaymes, Main role
2006 plays in High School Musical role as Kelsi Nielsen, Disney Channel Original Movie
2006 plays in Vampire Chicks with Chainsaws role as Sariah, Direct-to-video film
2007 plays in American Pastime role as Cathy Reyes
2007 plays in The Dance role as Britney
2007 plays in High School Musical 2 role as Kelsi Nielsen, Disney Channel Original Movie
2008 plays in Forever Strong role as Emily's Friend
2008 plays in Private Valentine: Blonde & Dangerous role as Petrovich, Main role
2008 plays in High School Musical 3: Senior Year role as Kelsi Nielsen, Minor role
2009 plays in Chuckle Boy role as Assistant, Short film
2009 plays in Flying By role as Ellie, Direct-to-video film
2010 plays in Expecting Mary role as Mary, Lead role
2011 plays in Apart role as Emily Gates
2011 plays in A Thousand Cuts role as Melanie
2013 plays in Family Weekend role as Emily Smith-Dungy, Main role

Olesya Rulin's Televisions:
2002 plays in Touched by an Angel role as High School Student, Bring on the Rain (season 9: episode 7)
2004 plays in Everwood role as The Drunk Girl, No Sure Thing (season 2: episode 14)
2009–2011 plays in Greek role as Abby, Recurring role; 10 episodes
2010 plays in CSI: Miami role as Andrea Williams, Mommie Deadest (season 8: episode 22)
2010 plays in The Mentalist role as Sam Starks, The Red Ponies (season 3: episode 5)
2011 plays in Drop Dead Diva role as Mia Dalton, He Said, She Said (season 3: episode 8)
2012 plays in Touch role as Girl in the Red Dress, Safety in Numbers (season 1: episode 3)
2012 plays in Underemployed role as Pixie Dexter, The Message & "The Heart" (season 1: episode 11 & 12)
2014 plays in NCIS role as Kim Troutman, Page Not Found (season 11: episode 20)
2015 plays in Powers role as Calista Secor

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