Monday, 20 April 2015

Roselyn Sanchez, Sandra Bullock?

Roselyn Sanchez looks like Sandra Bullock? she could be Sandra Bullock's spanish twin sister? Although she's prettier. Saw her in Nightstalker and every time she was on screen I was reminded of Sandra Bullock. Roselyn is so pretty.

Roselyn Sanchez, Act of Valor

Roselyn Sanchez, Act of Valor

I was just watching her and I said that. Roselyn Sanchez, She looks just like Sandra Bullock. I think its because of her cheekbones. Roselyn's facial structure is more dramatic.

Saw Roselyn Sanchez in rush hour 2 i thought she was sandra bllock! She certainly does look a lot like Sandra Bullock.

Roselyn Sanchez' Films:
1992 plays in Captain Ron role as Clarise, Island Girl
1999 plays in Held Up role as Trina
2001 plays in Rush Hour 2 role as Isabella Molina, Nominated - ALMA Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture
2002 plays in Boat Trip role as Gabriella
2002 plays in Nightstalker role as Gabriella Martinez, Nominated - Fangoria Chainsaw Award for Best Actress
2003 plays in Basic role as Nunez
2003 plays in Chasing Papi role as Lorena
2004 plays in Larceny role as Angela
2005 plays in State Property 2 role as D.A.
2005 plays in Underclassman role as Karen Lopez
2005 plays in Cayo role as Young Julia
2005 plays in Edison role as Maria
2005 plays in Shooting Gallery role as Jezebel Black, Direct-to-video
2006 plays in Yellow role as Amaryllis Campos, Also writer and producer
2007 plays in The Game Plan role as Monique Vasquez
2007 plays in Rush Hour 3 role as Isabella Molina, Cameo in deleted scene from DVD
2009 plays in The Perfect Sleep role as Porphyria
2010 plays in Venus & Vegas role as Kristen
2012 plays in Act of Valor role as Morales, Nominated - ALMA Award for Favorite Movie Actress - Drama/Adventure

Roselyn Sanchez' Televisions:
1996–1997 plays in As the World Turns role as Pilar Domingo, Recurring role
1997–1998 plays in Fame L.A. role as Lili Arguelo, Series regular, 21 episodes
1999 plays in Ryan Caulfield: Year One role as Kim Veras, 2 episodes
2000 plays in Nash Bridges role as Belinda Cruz, 2 episodes
2002 plays in Miss Miami role as Unknown Role, TV pilot
2002 plays in In-Laws role as Dani, 1 episode
2002 plays in The Drew Carey Show role as Maria, 1 episode
2003–2004 plays in L.A. Dragnet role as Det. Elana Macias, Recurring role, 3 episodes
2005 plays in Kojak role as ADA Carmen Warrick, Series regular, 10 episodes
2005–2009 plays in Without a Trace role as Elena Delgado, Series regular, 89 episodes
2009 plays in Royal Pains role as Sofia Santos, 1 episode
2011 plays in Rizzoli & Isles role as Assistant District Attorney Valerie Hudson, 1 episode, 'Can I Get a Witness?'
2012 plays in Desperate Housewives role as Carmen Luna, 1 episode, "Finishing the Hat"—Cameo
2013–present plays in Devious Maids role as Carmen Luna, Series regular
2014–present plays in Familia En Venta role as Lili, Series regular

Roselyn Sanchez' Albums:
2003: Borinqueña

Roselyn Sanchez' Singles:
2003 her single is "Amor Amor" (feat. Tego Calderón), in Borinqueña album.
2003 her single is "Noche De Verano" (feat. Víctor Manuelle), in Borinqueña album.

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