Sunday, 12 April 2015

Sasha Grey, Pornogaphy should be made illegal...

Sasha Grey and Pornogaphy... How pornography is legal I'll never has done nothing for anyone and has caused endless social problems. Unbelievably sick people have created an entire "industry" of it. A great number of laws and rules should be placed upon the industry. It can remain legal, but it must be changed drastically.

Sasha Grey, The Juliette Society

Sasha Grey, The Juliette Society

I get that Sasha Grey wants to say that females can be as sexual as the males. but I don't think she's doing it right when she is always displayed as a victim in all of her pornos.

I could get it if she willingly directs explicit stuff with healthy sexual acts between a man and a woman or that a woman uses her sexuality in a healthy way.

(Hard) porn stuff is always about degrading women and people are either willingly curious or just beep up in the head themselves to watch them as a habit so I'm not sure where Sasha Grey is coming from when she said she wants to liberate female sexuality or whatever.

Sasha Grey's Films:
2007 plays in Homo Erectus role as Cavegirl
2008 plays in 9to5 – Days in Porn role as Herself
2009 plays in The Girlfriend Experience role as Chelsea / Christine Brown
2009 plays in Smash Cut role as April Carson
2010 plays in Quit role as Mini-mart clerk
2011 plays in I Melt With You role as Raven
2011 plays in Skinny Dip role as Holly Haven
2012 plays in The Girl from the Naked Eye role as Lena
2012 plays in Would You Rather role as Amy
2014 plays in Open Windows role as Jill Goddard
2014 plays in The Scribbler role as Bunny

Sasha Grey's Televisions:
2009 plays in Porn: Business of Pleasure role as Herself, CNBC TV Documentary
2010 plays in Entourage role as Herself, 6 episodes
2013 plays in Durch die Nacht mit ... role as Herself, 1 episode

Sasha Grey's Music Videos:
2008 plays in Birthday Girl role as Birthday Girl, The Roots video
2008 plays in Superchrist role as Dancer, The Smashing Pumpkins video
2011 plays in Space Bound role as Girl, Eminem video
2014 plays in Toxic role as Villainess, David J video

Sasha Grey's Webs:
2009 plays in James Gunn's PG Porn role as Tricia Scrotey, Episode: "Roadside Ass-istance"

Sasha Grey's Video games:
2011 plays in Saints Row: The Third role as Viola DeWynter, Voice
2015 plays in Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell role as Viola DeWynter, Voice

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