Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Scott Eastwood, golden ticket?

Scott Eastwood, Daddy's gotta get you work huh buddy!? No, it doesn't mean that, but have you worked in the this business? just tell me if you have.

You have (handsome talented) actors arriving in Hollywood by the thousands every day/month/year, who cannot even land an agent, much less gain access to the casting directors who will determine if they even a shot at it.

Meanwhile, there are thousands of headshots sitting on agents' desk that will never even be looked at without a referral, unless it's some class D agency with no clout, and will only send you out for lame commercials where you have to compete with 400 other commercial actors for a one-word /sentence role.

Yes, Scott Eastwood was given the 'golden ticket'

People say their famous parent can open the door, but consider the virtual odds of entering that door without their parents' help.

Scott Eastwood, The Perfect Wave

Scott Eastwood, The Perfect Wave

.. acting and high stardom typically involves a luxurious life with huge perks the vast majority of jobs can not come near by any means hence it will get people annoyed that the same minority people are always getting golden tickets through connections into that glamorous elusive world when the normal person stands pretty much 0 chance of ever getting there no matter how much they may try.

Scott Eastwood's Films:
2004 plays in You Got Served role as Steve Mixer, Credited as Scott Reeves
2006 plays in Flags of Our Fathers role as Roberto Lundsford, Credited as Scott Reeves
2007 plays in An American Crime role as Eric Destroy, Credited as Scott Reeves
2007 plays in Pride role as Jake Ballers, Credited as Scott Reeves
2008 plays in Player 5150 role as Brian Vicks, Credited as Scott Reeves
2008 plays in Gran Torino role as Trey Harmful, Credited as Scott Reeves
2009 plays in Shannon's Rainbow role as Joey Milton
2009 plays in Invictus role as Joel Stransky
2011 plays in Enter Nowhere role as Tom Deep
2011 plays in The Lion of Judah role as Jack Leones
2012 plays in The Forger role as Ryan Felter
2012 plays in Trouble with the Curve role as Billy Clark
2013 plays in Texas Chainsaw 3D role as Deputy Hartman
2014 plays in Fury role as Sergeant Miles
2014 plays in Dawn Patrol role as John Piper
2015 plays in The Longest Ride role as Luke Collins
2015 plays in Snowden role as
2016 plays in Suicide Squad role as Steve Trevor

Scott Eastwood's Televisions:
2013 plays in Chicago Fire role as Officer Jim Barnes, 2 episodes
2014 plays in Chicago PD role as Officer Jim Barnes, Episode: "Stepping Stone" (uncredited)
2014 plays in The Perfect Wave role as Ian

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