Sunday, 31 May 2015

George Miller, you sold yourself out?

Congrats George Miller, you sold yourself out?

Not really. Mad Max was a cult favorite. Road Warrior is a classic film. Babe 2 might be the most genius, subversive kids' movie ever. Happy Feet was a legitimate crowd-pleasing blockbuster. And now the Mad Max reboot is probably the best action movie since Terminator 2.

George Miller, Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

George Miller, Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

LORENZO'S OIL is a terrific film too - both as drama and also from a clinical perspective, a great medical film. Don't forget too, George Miller did the best segment in the TWILIGHT ZONE MOVIE.

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Nicholas Hoult, Very good actor

Nicholas Hoult : Very good actor.. I think he gave the most believable, electric performance in Mad Max. Charlize and Tom were alright for me, but Nick killed it. He was amazing in Mad Max, can't wait to see what he's next project is going to be, he has played so many different characters and so well.

Nicholas Hoult, Jack the Giant Slayer

Nicholas Hoult, Jack the Giant Slayer

He totally stole the show! He was simply insane. He and Charlize were about on par in my opinion. They made the movie for me, character-wise. Hardy was a disappointment as Max, he didn't have nearly the presence and charisma of Gibson in the role.

I loved him in About a Boy but then he did skins and I hated him in that but he absolutely killed it in Mad Max. I thought he was fantastic, he really stole the whole film for me.

Friday, 29 May 2015

Hugh Keays-Byrne, MAD MAX

Hugh Keays-Byrne, loved him in first MAD MAX, very entertaining in the first movie,good actor

Played Toecutter in 1979 Mad Max - 25 yrs later cast in Mad Max Fury

Hugh Keays-Byrne, Mad Max

Hugh Keays-Byrne, Mad Max

The first thing I thought of when I saw the news is that maybe he can't be killed, maybe that's why he's called Immortan Joe.

I don't believe he's playing the same character.

Sweet-----he played one of the most memorable insane and of the wall characters I'd ever seen in a film when I first saw MAD MAX (the original) years ago. He was just straight-up out there,for real. Really cool to see that he's gonna be in the new MAD MAX, too!

Actually 36 years, which makes it more incredible.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

How big of a star was Mel Gibson at his peak?

Mel Gibson was huge. Him, Harrison Ford and Arnold Schwarzenegger were probably the biggest box-office draws in the 90's, Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise too.

The two scandals, the fact that he didn't star in a movie in like 10 years and let's be honest him losing his youthful movie star looks were the main reasons why he's not a bankable star anymore.

He can still get financing for his directorial works, Hacksaw Ridge was a hot property at Berlin and got sold worldwide easily, and he can still headline modestly budgeted action-thrillers like Get The Gringo and Blood Father, but his days of being a leading man in big studio movies are obviously long gone.

It's not really a question of Hollywood forgiving him, I mean Edge of Darkness, released by WB, came out after his first scandal, and it made $43M domestically, not a horrible take, but obviously a bomb if the budget really was $80M like Imdb says, though it doesn't look like a $80M movie to me.

Mel Gibson, Get the Gringo

Mel Gibson, Get the Gringo

Get The Gringo went straight to VOD. And that was that.

But the same thing happens to plenty of older actors who never had any scandals, like Michael Douglas' latest movie went straight to VOD, yet he's in Ant-Man, but on his own he's not a draw anymore. Same thing with DeNiro, he can still headline theatrical releases with other people and in the right project like Last Vegas or Dirty Grandpa, but on his own or with 50 Cent or John Cusack it's VOD all the way.

Nicolas Cage, John Travolta, they're all in the same boat, the age of movie stars is pretty much over, the only one of the old school stars who is still a bonafide draw is Tom Cruise.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Practical Effects Vs. CGI

Practical Effects Vs. CGI? Practical effects because one of two things:

1.) No matter how good CGI is I am still aware that it's CGI, when I see really good practical effects I see it has real because it was at one point a real physical creation in front of a camera.

2.) Practical effects for me have more movie magic involved in it. By that I am left in shock and awe thinking how the hell the filmmakers did that, when with CGI the answer is simple: they did it on a computer.

It's not CGI is bad, it can be used well (Gollum), but it can also be overused mainly in all of the Hobbit movies (seriously you can't just put Orc makeup on a stuntman??)

Movie Maker: The Ultimate Guide to Making Films

Movie Maker: The Ultimate Guide to Making Films

Some cgi can be really good but i think practical effects are well more effective. With a film like "The Reef" the camera tricks and use of live shark footage works well. They could have done CGI with the shark but glad they went in a different direction. With "Deep Blue Sea" the use of animatronics and CG were counter productive. At any rate glad the OP posted the topic.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Harry Potter - Non-Voldemort Villain Was The Worst?

Voldemort was definitely the most ambitious, but who other than Voldy inspires the most ire in your heart? Which Non-Voldemort Harry Potter Villain Was The Worst?

Dolores Umbridge, without question. People like Bellatrix Lestrange and Fenrir Greyback were messed up too, but I don't hate them half as much as I hate Umbridge. It is very appropriate that her first name really means "pains".

Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire

Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire

Umbridge it is. Delores Umbridge ( and she wasn't even a Death Eater)

Monday, 25 May 2015

Slow West

Slow West, a film that proves you can have the right amount of character growth, plot development, and move at a still pace, and still make room for general artsy-ness in less than an hour and a half. The film could have used another half hour but I only say that because I was enjoying myself so much. It was brisk, clean, to the point, and only wasted any time to rest on some gorgeous cinematography (seriously, the lighting and the colors are breathtaking). Fassbender, Mendelsohn, and Smit-McPhee (despite his off and on accent) are all great, Fassbender especially, who plays it suave like a cowboy James Bond. It succeeds at being "an unconventional western" in a way that I feel The Homesman last year could not, in that it managed to be entertaining as a slow burn and stuck to its guns (no pun intended) with its overall tone and intentions.

Slow West

Slow West

It's probably the only time Smit-McPhee (shoddy accent aside, like you said) has impressed me as an actor. Aside from that, I thought Fassbender was great, Pistorius was nice, but Mendelsohn was such a wasted, useless villain and I think that's what made the film so weak for me. It had such a strong start and middle, and then the climax was so rushed that all emotional or suspenseful weight it wanted to have almost didn't even exist for me.

Put aside the weak script, Maclean shows promise as a director (those musician-turned-director types are always interesting to watch) and the cinematography was friggin' awesome (especially in the last twenty minutes or so). Almost like a vibrant, lively Jesse James prototype.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Poor Margherita Buy

Margherita Buy, She was snubbed for Mia madre. Hope you non-Italians may enjoy soon her subtle, brilliant yet richly dramatic turn.

Agree. She was robbed. I'm one of the few who went absolutely crazy over Bercot's performance, but she was definitely better than Mara (and maybe Blanchett?). Shame she couldn't pull through.

Margherita Buy, His Secret Life

Margherita Buy, His Secret Life

Margherita Buy, Her, Franco and the boobies are the only highlights of a such overated film.-

They added a lot of new rules so I bet it was difficult to give the right awards but Buy, according to literally everyone, was objectively better then Mara.

I knew Carol was very well received. I thought of a Grand Prix instead, but definitely not Mara.

I really don't know what to think. I haven't seen Carol yet, Mara is a great actress but she's not as talented as Buy. I'm sad, because this is not the first time Buy gets robbed during an important festival.

Margherita Buy's Films:
1983 plays in Flipper role as Annina, TV film
1986 plays in La seconda notte role as Lea, Italian Golden Globe Award for Best Actress Revelation
1986 plays in Diciottanni - Versilia 1966 role as Chicca, TV series
1987 plays in Una grande storia d'amore role as Paola, TV film
1988 plays in It's Happening Tomorrow role as Vera
1988 plays in I giorni randagi role as Annalisa
1989 plays in Nulla ci può fermare role as Francesca
1990 plays in The Station role as Flavia, David di Donatello for Best Actress
1990 plays in The Week of the Sphinx role as Gloria, Silver Shell for Best Actress
1991 plays in Ask for the Moon role as Elena Bacchelli
1992 plays in Damned the Day I Met You role as Camilla Landolfi, Italian Golden Globe Award for Best Actress
1993 plays in Condannato a nozze role as Sandra
1993 plays in Cominciò tutto per caso role as Stefania, Golden Ciak for Best Actress
1993 plays in Arriva la bufera role as Eugenia
1994 plays in Prestazione straordinaria role as Clara Guerri
1994 plays in Le fils préféré role as Anna Maria
1995 plays in Il cielo è sempre più blu role as Traffic Warden
1995 plays in Looking for Paradise role as Claudia Bertelli
1996 plays in Follow Your Heart role as young Olga
1996 plays in Cuori al verde role as Lucia
1996 plays in Testimone a rischio role as Franca Nava, Nominated—David di Donatello for Best Actress
1998 plays in Dolce far niente role as Countess Gabriella Nencini
1999 plays in Not of this World role as Sister Caterina, David di Donatello for Best Actress
1999 plays in La vita che verrà role as Viviana Vitanza, TV miniseries
2000 plays in L'ombra del gigante role as Adele
2000 plays in All the Love There Is role as Marisa
2000 plays in Controvento role as Clara
2001 plays in The Ignorant Fairies role as Antonia, Nastro d'Argento for Best Actress
2002 plays in Incompreso role as Elisa Quaratesi, MiniTV series
2002 plays in The Best Day of My Life role as Sara, Nastro d'Argento for Best Supporting Actress
2003 plays in Margherita. Ritratto confidenziale role as Herself, Documentary film
2003 plays in It Can’t Be All Our Fault role as Flavia
2003 plays in Caterina in the Big City role as Agata Iacovoni, David di Donatello for Best Supporting Actress
2004 plays in L'amore ritorna role as Silvia
2004 plays in Maigret: La trappola role as Louise Maigret, Television film
2004 plays in Maigret: L'ombra cinese role as Louise Maigret, Television film
2004 plays in The Vanity Serum role as Lucia Allasco, Nominated—Nastro d'Argento for Best Actress
2005 plays in Manual of Love role as Barbara, David di Donatello for Best Supporting Actress
2005 plays in Days of abandonment role as Olga, Italian Golden Globe Special Jury Award
2006 plays in The Caiman role as Paola Bonomo/Aidra, Nastro d'Argento for Best Actress (also for Saturn in Opposition)
2006 plays in The Unknown Woman role as Irena's lawyer
2006 plays in Commediasexi role as Dora Di Virgilio
2007 plays in Saturn in Opposition role as Angelica Pontesilli, Italian Golden Globe Award for Best Actress
2007 plays in Days and Clouds role as Elsa, David di Donatello for Best Actress
2008 plays in Amiche mie role as Anna, TV miniseries
2008 plays in Pinocchio role as Teacher, TV miniseries
2009 plays in Due partite role as Gabriella, Nominated—Nastro d'Argento for Best Supporting Actress
2009 plays in The White Space role as Maria, Pasinetti Award for Best Actress
2009 plays in L'uomo nero role as Anna
2010 plays in Genitori & figli - Agitare bene prima dell'uso role as Rossana
2010 plays in Happy Family role as Anna
2010 plays in Matrimoni e altri disastri role as Nanà
2011 plays in We Have a Pope role as Female psychiatrist, Nominated—David di Donatello for Best Supporting Actress
2012 plays in Com'è bello far l'amore role as Cameo appearance
2012 plays in Magnifica presenza role as Lea Marni
2012 plays in Il rosso e il blu role as Giuliana
2013 plays in La scoperta dell'alba role as Barbara Astengo, Nominated—Italian Golden Globe Award for Best Actress
2013 plays in A Five Star Life role as Irene, David di Donatello for Best Actress
2013 plays in Mi rifaccio vivo role as Virginia
2014 plays in La gente che sta bene role as Carla
2015 plays in My Mother role as Margherita
2015 plays in Io e lei role as Federica

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Sarah Silverman on SNL

Sarah Silverman on SNL, I think she killed it! The monologue was so funny and all of her perfomances were on point!! Nice tribute to Joan too; must say one of the best SNLs in a while, for me

Sarah Silverman, We Are Miracles

Sarah Silverman, We Are Miracles

I always thought she was funny. And I am who you always wanted to be. I care not what others may think but only what I desire.

Sarah Silverman's Films:
1997 plays in Who's the Caboose? role as Susan Also co-producer
1998 plays in Overnight Delivery role as Turran
1998 plays in Bulworth role as American Politics Assistant
1998 plays in There's Something About Mary role as Brenda
1999 plays in Late Last Night role as Jen Television film
1999 plays in The Bachelor role as Carolyn
2000 plays in What Planet Are You From? role as Woman on Plane Uncredited
2000 plays in Screwed role as Hillary
2000 plays in The Way of the Gun role as Raving Bitch
2001 plays in Say It Isn't So role as Gina
2001 plays in Heartbreakers role as Linda
2001 plays in Evolution role as Denise
2002 plays in Run Ronnie Run role as Network Executive #3
2003 plays in School of Rock role as Patty Di Marco
2003 plays in Bad Santa role as Teacher Uncredited
2004 plays in Hair High role as Cherri (voice)
2004 plays in Nobody's Perfect role as N/A Short film
2005 plays in The Aristocrats role as Herself Documentary
2005 plays in Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic role as Herself
2005 plays in Rent role as Alexi Darling
2006 plays in I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With role as Beth
2006 plays in School for Scoundrels role as Becky
2007 plays in Futurama: Bender's Big Score role as Michelle (voice) Direct-to-DVD
2008 plays in Super High Me role as Herself Documentary
2008 plays in A Bad Situationist role as Jamy Shonelike Direct-to-DVD
2009 plays in Saint John of Las Vegas role as Jill
2009 plays in Funny People role as Herself Cameo
2010 plays in Peep World role as Cheri Meyerwitz
2011 plays in The Muppets role as Restaurant greeter Cameo
2011 plays in Take This Waltz role as Geraldine
2012 plays in Wreck-It Ralph role as Vanellope von Schweetz (voice)
2014 plays in A Million Ways to Die in the West role as Ruth
2014 plays in Cops, Cum, Dicks and Flying role as Lieutenant Silverman Short film
2015 plays in I Smile Back role as Laney
2015 plays in Ashby role as June Wallis
2015 plays in Still Punching the Clown role as TBA
2016 plays in Conner4real role as TBA

Sarah Silverman's Televisions:
1993–1994 plays in Saturday Night Live role as Various roles 18 episodes; also writer
1995–1997 plays in Mr. Show with Bob and David role as Various roles 10 episodes
1996 plays in Star Trek: Voyager role as Rain Robinson 2 episodes
1996–1998 plays in The Larry Sanders Show role as Wendy 3 episodes
1997 plays in Seinfeld role as Emily Episode: "The Money"
1997 plays in Brotherly Love role as Rosa Episode: "Pizza Girl"
1997 plays in JAG role as Lt. Schiparelli Episode: "Blind Side"
1997 plays in The Naked Truth role as Ali Walters Episode: "Look at Me! Look at Me!"
1998 plays in Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist role as Herself (voice) Episode: "Alderman"
2000 plays in Manhattan, AZ role as Dakota Episode: "Jake's Daughter"
2000–2013 plays in Futurama role as Michelle (voice) 2 episodes
2000 plays in Super Nerds role as Gwen Pilot
2000 plays in Rocky Times role as Kate Pilot
2002 plays in V.I.P. role as Lucy Stanton Episode: "48 1/2 Hours"
2002 plays in Saddle Rash role as Hanna Headstrong (voice) Pilot
2002 plays in Greg the Bunny role as Alison Kaiser 13 episodes
2003 plays in Frasier role as Jane Episode: "Maris Returns"
2003–2007 plays in Crank Yankers role as Hadassah Guberman (voice) 4 episodes
2004-2005 plays in Fatherhood role as Katherine Bindlebeep 26 Episodes
2004 plays in Pilot Season role as Susan Underman 2 episodes
2004 plays in Aqua Teen Hunger Force role as Robositter (voice) Episode: "Robositter"
2004 plays in Drawn Together role as Bleh (voice) Episode: "The Other Cousin"
2004–2008 plays in Monk role as Marci Maven 3 episodes
2005 plays in American Dad! role as Stripper (voice) Episode: "Stan Knows Best"
2005 plays in Tom Goes to the Mayor role as Barb Dunderbarn (voice) Episode: "Pipe Camp"
2006 plays in Robot Chicken role as Various voices 2 episodes
2007–2010 plays in The Sarah Silverman Program role as Herself 32 episodes; also co-creator, writer, executive producer
2010–2014 plays in The Simpsons role as Nikki / Herself (voices) 3 episodes
2011 plays in The Good Wife role as Stephanie Engler Episode: "Getting Off"
2011 plays in Childrens Hospital role as Britches Episode: "Ward 8"
2011 plays in Bored to Death role as Lori Episode: "I Keep Taking Baths Like Lady Macbeth"
2011–2013 plays in The League role as Heather Nowzick 2 episodes
2011–present plays in Bob's Burgers role as Ollie Pesto / Lead Singer (voices) 21 episodes
2012–2014 plays in Louie role as Herself 3 episodes
2013 plays in Out There role as Amy (voice) Episode: "Ace's Wild"
2013 plays in Comedy Bang! Bang! role as Herself Episode: "Sarah Silverman Wears a Black Dress With A White Collar"
2013 plays in Comedy Central Roast of James Franco role as Herself TV special
2013 plays in Sarah Silverman: We Are Miracles role as Herself Stand-up special
2014 plays in Maron role as Herself Episode: "Marc on Talking Dead"
2014 plays in Masters of Sex role as Helen 2 episodes
2014 plays in Saturday Night Live role as Herself (host) Episode: "Sarah Silverman/Maroon 5"
2015 plays in Man Seeking Woman role as Josh's right hand (voice) Episode: "Pitbull"

Sarah Silverman' Music videos:
2009 plays in Death to All But Metal role as Steel Panther
2013 plays in We Do Not Belong role as Psychic Friend
2013 plays in Perfect Night role as

Sarah Silverman's Video games:
2013 plays in Disney Infinity role as Vanellope Von Schweetz (voice),
2014 plays in Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes role as Vanellope Von Schweetz (voice),

Friday, 22 May 2015

Paul Bettany, He's amazing!

Paul Bettany, He's amazing!

Paul is an amazing actor! Such a sweetie and so humble. I wish him the best in his career

He is great. First saw him in A Beautiful Mind..after that I saw some of his other movies and haven't been disappointed yet.

Paul Bettany, Legion

Paul Bettany, Legion

Plus he's humble and sweet in his interviews. Legion was alright

There's something about him. He just seems very sweet and nice. Totally!!

Paul Bettany's Films:
1997 plays in Bent role as Captain
1997 plays in Sharpe's Waterloo role as Prince William of Orange, TV series
1998 plays in Coming Home role as Edward Carey-Lewis, TV movie
1998 plays in Killer Net role as Joe Hunter, TV mini-series
1998 plays in The Land Girls role as Philip
1999 plays in Every Woman Knows a Secret role as Rob, TV mini-series
1999 plays in After the Rain role as Steph
2000 plays in Kiss Kiss (Bang Bang) role as Jimmy
2000 plays in The Suicide Club (a.k.a. Game of Death) role as Shaw
2000 plays in David Copperfield role as James Steerforth, TV movie
2000 plays in Dead Babies role as Quentin
2000 plays in Gangster No. 1 role as Young Gangster
2001 plays in A Knight's Tale role as Geoffrey Chaucer
2001 plays in A Beautiful Mind role as Charles Herman
2002 plays in Euston Road role as Y, Short
2002 plays in The Heart of Me role as Rickie
2003 plays in Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World role as Dr. Stephen Maturin
2003 plays in The Reckoning role as Nicholas
2003 plays in Dogville role as Tom Edison
2004 plays in Wimbledon role as Peter Colt
2006 plays in Firewall role as Bill Cox
2006 plays in The Da Vinci Code role as Silas
2008 plays in Iron Man role as J.A.R.V.I.S. (voice)
2008 plays in The Secret Life of Bees role as T. Ray Owens
2008 plays in Inkheart role as Dustfinger
2008 plays in Broken Lines role as Chester
2009 plays in The Young Victoria role as Lord Melbourne
2009 plays in Creation role as Charles Darwin
2010 plays in Legion role as Michael
2010 plays in Iron Man 2 role as J.A.R.V.I.S. (voice)
2010 plays in The Tourist role as John Acheson
2011 plays in Priest role as Priest
2011 plays in Margin Call role as Will Emerson
2012 plays in The Avengers role as J.A.R.V.I.S. (voice)
2013 plays in Blood role as Joe Fairburn
2013 plays in Iron Man 3 role as J.A.R.V.I.S. (voice)
2014 plays in Transcendence role as Max Waters
2014 plays in Shelter role as N/A, Writer & director
2015 plays in Mortdecai role as Jock Strapp
2015 plays in Avengers: Age of Ultron role as Vision J.A.R.V.I.S. (voice)
2016 plays in Captain America: Civil War role as Vision

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Quicksilver

In Quicksilver, was Aaron Taylor-Johnson ATJ super sexy with that silver hair? ??

I thought he was great.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Godzilla

Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Godzilla

He's as quicksilver. He was okay, not as interesting as Scarlet Witch but definitely more interesting of a character than the leads.

I liked him a lot in this role. And he does look very nice with the lighter hair. Dark or light looks good on him.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson's Films:
2002 plays in Tom & Thomas role as Tom Sheppard / Thomas
2002 plays in The Apocalypse role as Johanan
2003 plays in Behind Closed Doors role as Sam Goodwin
2003 plays in Shanghai Knights role as Charlie Chaplin
2004 plays in Dead Cool role as George
2006 plays in The Thief Lord role as Prosper
2006 plays in The Illusionist role as Young Eisenheim
2006 plays in Fast Learners role as Neil
2006 plays in The Best Man role as Michael (Aged 15)
2007 plays in The Magic Door role as Flip
2007 plays in Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street Irregulars role as Finch, Television film
2008 plays in Dummy role as Danny
2008 plays in Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging role as Robbie Jennings
2009 plays in The Greatest role as Bennett Brewer
2009 plays in Nowhere Boy role as John Lennon, Empire Award for Best Newcomer
2010 plays in Kick-Ass role as David "Dave" Lizewski / Kick-Ass, Nominated — Empire Award for Best Actor
2010 plays in Chatroom role as William
2011 plays in Albert Nobbs role as Joe
2012 plays in Savages role as Ben
2012 plays in Anna Karenina role as Count Vronsky, Final time credited as Aaron Johnson
2013 plays in Kick-Ass 2 role as David "Dave" Lizewski / Kick-Ass, First time credited as Aaron Taylor-Johnson
2014 plays in Captain America: The Winter Soldier role as Pietro Maximoff / Quicksilver, Cameo
2014 plays in Godzilla role as Lt. Ford Brody
2015 plays in Avengers: Age of Ultron role as Pietro Maximoff / Quicksilver

Aaron Taylor-Johnson's Televisions:
2001 plays in Armadillo role as Young Lorimer Black
2003 plays in The Bill role as Zac Clough, Episode: "162"
2004 plays in Family Business role as Paul Sullivan, 1 episode
2004 plays in Feather Boy role as Niker, 3 episodes
2006 plays in I Shouldn't Be Alive role as Mark, 4 episodes
2006 plays in Casualty role as Joey Byrne, Episode: "Silent Ties"
2007 plays in Talk to Me role as Aaron, 4 episodes
2007 plays in Coming Up role as Eoin, Episode: "99,100"
2007 plays in Nearly Famous role as Owen Stephens, 6 episodes
2014 plays in Family Guy role as Jaidan (voice), Episode: Chap Stewie

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Yoga pants and a mat?

Do I need yoga pants and a mat in order to do yoga?

 It depends on where you do yoga. If you do it at home then no, you dont need to wear yoga pants. If you have carpet then you really dont need the mat either. If you go to the gym or a yoga studio then yes, you'll need to bring a mat. Some studios will let you rent a mat, but I would still recommend buying your own. Typically people wear yoga pants but not always.

Victoria Secret Pink Yoga Sports Bra Neon Tropical Floral Cheetah Print

Victoria Secret Pink Yoga Sports Bra Neon Tropical Floral Cheetah Print

Beware that some yoga pants are made with thin material and when you bend over they will become see through. Victoria Secret has good ones. My problem is that I'm short and even the petite length is too long. Athleta are good as well. Nordstrom is also a good place to buy from, whether in the store or online.

JadeYoga have good mats, but they can be a bit heavy. Luluemom has good ones. Gaiam is the best imo.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Iron Maiden, Bruce Dickinson - Cancer-Free

Iron Maiden Singer Declared Cancer-Free

Since there seems to a lull in the list activity, I thought I'd take a moment and share this good news:

Bruce Dickinson Cancer-Free: Iron Maiden Singer Declared Free From Tongue Cancer After MRI

Iron Maiden, Powerslave

Iron Maiden, Powerslave

That's awesome news. Great for him.

That's great news for a lot of people. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Bruce!

Monday, 18 May 2015

The Beatles' "Let It Be"

45th anniversary of The Beatles' "Let It Be" album. This month marks the 45th anniversary of The Beatles' "Let It Be" album. What are you thoughts on the album? How has it held up after 45 years?

To me, its an odd album to rate. Sometimes, I think its as good as the other classic Beatles albums, sometimes it sounds like a couple good songs and some tedious filler. I guess its just the bad karma that went into the making of the album. I think MaCartney's control, Harrison's frustration and especially Lennon's indifference are captured.

The Beatles, Let It Be Enhanced

The Beatles, Let It Be Enhanced

It's funny how the band members were open and honest to talking about the making of "Let It Be" in The Beatles Anthology, but they're not willing to release the "Let It Be" film because it's such a bad time of their career.

The story used to be that it was Harrison that refused to release Let it Be. He didn't want people to see him quitting (not even sure that was filmed, I seen a bootleg copy years ago). Now its Paul and Ringo. Guess what, we all know what happened. Its been discussed thousands of times. And, from my recollection, it wasn't that bad. The thing that I remember most was Lennon's "yeah, whatever" attitude and Yoko.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

James Joyce, Ulysses

I am thinking of reading James Joyce's work. It is worth...

Finnegans Wake
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Ulysses, James Joyce

Ulysses, James Joyce

It's certainly worth a try -- and if you're not into it, there's no law that says you have to keep at it. I recommend starting with The Dubliners. It's a collection of short stories, so it's an accessible entry point, and if you find you just don't enjoy his style, you can put it down after just one or two stories without feeling like you've given up on an investment.

Reading them in order. Dubliners, Portrait, and then Ulysses. If you can get hold of a good unabridged audiobook of Ulysses, it might be interesting to listen to a reading while you follow along in print.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

13 books with lions, tigers, leopards or any big cats

13 books with lions, tigers, leopards or any big cats:

01. The Life of Pi (Yann Martel)
02. The Tiger (John Vaillant)
03. Born Free (Joy Adamson)
04. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (C.S. Lewis)
05. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (Frank Baum)

Life of Pi, by Yann Martel

Life of Pi, by Yann Martel

06. Tarzan and the Golden Lion (Edgar Rice Burroughs)
07. The Jungle Book (Rudyard Kipling)
08. The Man-Eaters of Tsavo (John Henry Patterson)
09. Henderson the Rain King (Saul Bellow)
10. Going Solo (Roald Dahl)
11. Songs of Innocence and of Experience (William Blake)
12. Androcles and the Lion (G.B. Shaw)
13. We Bought a Zoo (Benjamin Mee)

very touching & interesting book..

Friday, 15 May 2015

Jack Reacher; One Shot, Persuader, Bad Luck and Trouble, Gone Tomorrow..

The last good one was Worth Dying For. I really don't like where the series is going. I love the Reacher series, I just feel let down. The four of the series, all pretty good.

One Shot
Bad Luck and Trouble
Gone Tomorrow

The best of the quartet was "One Shot," the book the Tom Cruse movie was based on.

Lee Child, Personal (with bonus short story Not a Drill): A Jack Reacher Novel

Lee Child, Personal: A Jack Reacher Novel

The first book is called Killing Floor. The way Child writes them, you can read then in any order, but Killing Floor is very very good.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Harlan Ellison..

I bought the book "The Living Dead" and Harlan Ellison has a story in it with Robert Silverberg. "The Song The Zombie Sang".

Harlan Ellison, I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

Harlan Ellison, I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

Ellison has the trademark symbol after his name. He registered his name as a trademark so he could sue anyone who uses it without his permission. Because he's a sue-happy copyright troll. Harlan is a seriously disturbed individual.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Mose Allison, jazz songs, "Your Mind Is on Vacation"

Best non-instrumental piano jazz songs? Mose Allison: "Your Mind Is on Vacation". It's not pure jazz, but I still liked it a lot.

"pure jazz"? Jazz not mixed with other genres. Maybe that's not the right term for it? Being originally a shot tune has more to do with the medium than the sound, so it's still jazz. The song Mose Allison: "Your Mind Is on Vacation", on the other hand, is a mix with blues.

Mose Allison, Your Mind Is on Vacation

Mose Allison, Your Mind Is on Vacation

Every music genre has roots that come from another genre. Rap has R&B roots, but if we listen to 2 songs from each genre, they'll sound different. It's the same with jazz and blues.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Celebrity Women Hotter..

Why Are Celebrity Women Hotter Than Regular Women? Lol.

Some of them are very naturally beautiful. And they have enhanced their beauty with make-up and styling by the time we've seen them. Since we only see them on screens and in magazines we usually only see them at their best. Most female entertainers are very conscious of their image so they work harder at staying in shape than "regular" women.

Crystal Wright's Hair Makeup Fashion Styling & Manicurist Career Guide

Crystal Wright's Hair Makeup Fashion Styling & Manicurist Career Guide

But when you see candid photos of a lot of them out and about during their down time most of them look pretty average. They look no different from average women you see on a daily basis who are also in decent to good shape. Obviously we see more soccer moms who have seen better days in our normal lives. More women who have little to no time to spare on their looks because they're busy leading normal lives.

I want to know why the men around me don't look like celebrity men. Celebrity men are enhanced, but not as much as the women. In photos they definitely are. Every celebrity is airbrushed in photos. I mean Justin Bieber had his packaged heavily enhanced in that cK ad. But when you see candids of the men out doing normal things while wearing sweats and baseball caps they still look incredible. It's not like you suddenly see them without tons of make-up and you're shocked and disappointed by how plain they really are.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Cleaning Laptops $65..

Computers and Software, Cleaning Laptops $65? There's a local company that does this. I had them do it a few years ago, and the computer worked almost like new. In any case, the computer's back. It now works almost like it did when I just bought it. I think they completely disassemble it and dip it in some sort of solvent.

3M Notebook Screen Cleaning Wipes, 3.9 x 6.9 Inches (CL630)

3M Notebook Screen Cleaning Wipes, 3.9 x 6.9 Inches (CL630)

But I suppose there are plenty of suckers out there willing to pay $65 to someone to do it for them just so they won't have to get their hands dirty.

But that fee may include cleaning the innards as well, esp. the CPU fan/cooler, which can get clogged with dust... And that requires disassembly.

I've cracked open a few Thinkpads, and let me just say that some laptops are a relative cinch to disassemble and re-assemble (e.g. Lenovo T6x series), and some are an absolute nightmare (old/ancient IBM 600 series). So for a nightmarish laptop, the fee might [arguably] be justified.

I can't speak for laptops--never had one--though i'd imagine they might be trickier to open and close since everything is so compact.

But for PCs, if you can operate a screwdriver and have a soft brush, that's all it takes to get at the CPU and fan. You don't have to make them spotlessly clean, but you'll get 90% of the dust off both of them.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Actresses are refusing to go naked

Why some actresses are refusing to go naked?

It is fair enough if an actress does not want to go naked but what annoys me is when the role pretty well predicates nudity, a stripper, nude dancer, etc. They employ an actress who will not do nudity in the role, Jessica Alba in Sin City is a prime example.

True Love Jennifer Lopez

What Do You Say to a Naked Lady?

In my opinion if an actress is offered a movie role knowing that nudity will be required and are uncomfortable, or refuse to comply, then they should not take the role. I do not understand why these celebs refuse to perform nude scenes when they get paid very big bucks for that. The body double does all the “dirty work”.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Empire Z, unstable game..

Empire Z by Ember Entertainment.. unstable game. Gameplay-wise, it's ok. Run-of-the-mill build/wait format.

Empire Z, by Ember Entertainment

Empire Z, by Ember Entertainment

There are special events in which your alliance competes with other alliances. you don't have to spend money to enjoy it. Unfortunately, this is all moot when the game is so unstable that it crashes half the time.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Hobbit films worth seeing

Are the Hobbit films worth seeing?

"I've heard they are not as good as the LOTR films"

Yes. But what fantasy movies are?

I think the LOTR films are the best in that genre.

"...and that the filmmakers took too many creative liberties with the story."

Many people  have said the same thing about the LOTR movies.

The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies

The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies

Do you care about that?

"Are they still worth seeing?"

I saw them but what does that mean to you?
There are several Hobbit fllm trailers on the internet. Watch those and then you can figure it out.

Lots of people think that the Transformer films are worth seeing but I haven't watched any of them all the way through.
Same thing with the Fast and Furious movies.

You have to decide what to see.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Box Office, The highest-grossing franchises

Interesting article by the The Economist that has worked out the adjusted grosses for franchises. Here are the top 10:

1) James Bond - 13 billion (once you add in Skyfall)
2) Harry Potter - 8 billion (after adding in Deathly Hallows 2)
3) Star Wars - 7 billion
4) Middle-earth - 6 billion (including The Hobbits)
5=) Batman - 4.5 billion (including Dark Knight Rises)
5=) Spider-Man - 4.5 billion
7=) Pirates of the Caribbean - 4 billion
7=) Transformers - 4 billion (including Age of Extinction)
7=) Shrek - 4 billion (including Puss-in-Boots)
7=) Fast & Furious - 4 billion

Star Wars: The Digital Movie Collection

Star Wars: The Digital Movie Collection

Star Wars looks guaranteed to move into second place and I don't honestly see the Harry Potter spin-offs putting that franchise back in contention. James Bond is well out in front; if the Star Wars revival is sustained and they do at least one film every year I guess it will ultimately creep up on the Bond franchise, but I don't see it happening before the end of the decade.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Difference between Special FX and Visual FX

Is there a difference between Special FX and Visual FX? I've come to understand that SFX is all the physical on-set stuff that the actors can actually see or wear or interact with like makeup or animatronics. And that VFX is all the CGI stuff thats added in after filming. But I've noticed some people call both Special FX, are they misunderstanding or it it commonly used for both?

Masters of FX: Behind the Scenes with Geniuses of Visual and Special Effects

Masters of FX: Behind the Scenes with Geniuses of Visual and Special Effects

My understanding is that today Special Effects is what is done on set, ie practical effects such as making a car fall apart on set, or a wall being blown up.

Visual Effects is effects that are added in post production such as CGI or model work like in the original Star Wars films.

However, the older the film the less likely they are referred to as Visual Effects. Sometime older films call them Special Effects or Technical Effects or Special Photographic Effects and other similar terms. Thus where the confusion occurs.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Rank the Bond actors using their best films

Rank the Bond actors using their best films..

My Bond film ranking, I have:

#1 Goldfinger
#2 O.H.M.S.S.
#3 Casino Royale
#4 The Spy Who Loved Me
#5 The Living Daylights
#6 GoldenEye

Goldfinger, Sean Connery

Goldfinger, Sean Connery

So my ranking of Bond actors using their best films only would be:

#1 Sean Connery
#2 George Lazenby
#3 Daniel Craig
#4 Roger Moore
#5 Timothy Dalton
#6 Pierce Brosnan

Monday, 4 May 2015

Star Wars: Before Revenge of the Sith

Star Wars: Before Revenge of the Sith.. Would you have thought that the Emperor was just a very old man?

Nope. I saw him shoot lightning bolts out of his hands in Return of the Jedi, so I knew he was more than just a very old man, I knew he was bad-ass! I never thought he was anything but human, albeit a very special human, a totally evil human, a human so drunk on power, who had learned to harness the Dark Side of the Force with suck aplomb that he was the ultimate baddie in the universe who was literally preserving his own body from death with his own sidicious hate and rage.

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

I knew his scars were due to some previous, yet-unforseen battle trauma, one that we wouldn't see until Revenge of the Sith, and that his eyes were yellow because he was simply evil and he was possessed of some dark, demonic force.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Ultron has doomed Bond

Ultron has doomed Bond.. Because it made some money this weekend! So, we all know how poorly Bond does if there are other movies out in the same year that make money, historically. Right?

And, my two cents is that Ultron is better than the first one in most ways that matter to me such as drama and story and action and acting. Not as funny I suppose.

True Love Jennifer Lopez

Marvel Iron Man Ultron Figure 6 Inches

Though...its pretty darn crowded. I spent some time going "hey who was that? A robot? Iron Man? Ultron? Oops never mind we're on to the next scene..." Not that I expect thoughtful, careful plotpointing here, but there's clearly a lot of folks setting up a lot of distinct stuff and sequel hooks and so on that, if you don't read the books, are basically ALL given cursory treatments. I believe I prefer my stories to be a little more focused on fewer thingies.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Bed of Chaos

Bed of Chaos - a big part is that it's such a blemish in an otherwise fantastic game with great and noteworthy boss fights.

The ball form of the final boss in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes - Unless there's another way to do it there's a heavy emphasis on jumping... In a Metroid Prime game. Nice work, fellas.

True Love Jennifer Lopez

Dragon of Chaos Blanket

Whatever that was in Gears of War 2 - I liked the fight with Predator dude, but Jag reminded me that the ending was an actual gameplay moment, which totally sucked, another really great game with a terrible boss.

Bed of Chaos

Friday, 1 May 2015

Olivia Munn, Psylocke

Olivia Munn, congrats on Psylocke.. I just hope she rocks the heck out of the role. Hope they don't screw up the wardrobe.

I want to see either the Alan Davis designed look where she had big hair and a pink outfit with puffy sleeves.. or the Marc Silvestri "Australia" outfit, where it had some armor plating, a cape with weighted edges, and a hood.. I'm not hung up on the ninja outfit which has been reinterpreted too much.

Olivia Munn, Suck It, Wonder Woman!: The Misadventures of a Hollywood Geek

Olivia Munn, Suck It, Wonder Woman!: The Misadventures of a Hollywood Geek

I suspect they wanted someone hot with a mix of European and Asian ancestry. Even though Kwannon was Japanese, the modern Psylocke's look has varied a lot, and she's frequently appeared with a look that isn't readily recognizable as Asian.

Olivia Munn's Films
2004 plays in Scarecrow Gone Wild role as Girl #1, Direct-to-video film
2004 plays in National Lampoon's Strip Poker role as Lisa Munn, Direct-to-video film
2005 plays in The Road to Canyon Lake role as Asian mob girl
2007 plays in Big Stan role as Maria
2008 plays in Insanitarium role as Nancy, Direct-to-video film
2009 plays in The Slammin' Salmon role as Samara Dubois
2009 plays in Dave Knoll Finds His Soul role as Girl #1, Television film
2010 plays in Date Night role as Claw Hostess
2010 plays in Iron Man 2 role as Chess Roberts[47]
2011 plays in I Don't Know How She Does It[48] role as Momo Hahn
2012 plays in Magic Mike role as Joanna
2012 plays in The Babymakers role as Audrey
2012 plays in Freeloaders role as Madeline
2014 plays in Unity role as Narrator, Documentary
2014 plays in Deliver Us from Evil role as Jen Sarchie
2015 plays in Mortdecai role as Georgina Krampf
2016 plays in Ride Along 2 role as
2016 plays in X-Men: Apocalypse role as Betsy Braddock / Psylocke

Olivia Munn's Televisions:
2006–2010 plays in Attack of the Show! role as Herself, Co-host
2006–2007 plays in Beyond the Break role as Mily Acuna, 9 episodes
2008–2009 plays in Sasuke role as Herself, Competitor; 2 episodes
2009 plays in Greek role as Lana, 4 episodes
2010 plays in Accidentally on Purpose role as Nicole, Episode: "Face Off"
2010–2011 plays in The Daily Show role as Herself, Correspondent
2010 plays in Chuck role as Greta, Episode: "Chuck Versus the Anniversary"
2010–2011 plays in Perfect Couples role as Leigh, Main role
2011 plays in Robot Chicken role as Dr. Liz Wilson (voice), Episode: "Kramer Vs. Showgirls"
2012–2014 plays in The Newsroom role as Sloan Sabbith, Main role
2012–2013 plays in New Girl role as Angie, 3 episodes
2015 plays in Repeat After Me role as Herself, 1 episode

Olivia Munn, Magazine rankings:
2008, FHM's 100 Sexiest Women of 2008, #85
2009, FHM‍‍ '​‍s 100 Sexiest Women of 2009, #85
2010, FHM‍‍ '​‍s 100 Sexiest Women of 2010, #52
2008, Maxim‍‍ '​‍s Hot 100 Women, 2008, #99
2009, Maxim‍‍ '​‍s Hot 100 Women, 2009, #96
2010, Maxim‍‍ '​‍s Hot 100 Women, 2010, #8
2011, Maxim‍‍ '​‍s Hot 100 Women, 2011, #2
2012, Maxim‍‍ '​‍s Hot 100 Women, 2012, #2
2013, Maxim‍‍ '​‍s Hot 100 Women, 2013, #28

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