Thursday, 7 May 2015

Box Office, The highest-grossing franchises

Interesting article by the The Economist that has worked out the adjusted grosses for franchises. Here are the top 10:

1) James Bond - 13 billion (once you add in Skyfall)
2) Harry Potter - 8 billion (after adding in Deathly Hallows 2)
3) Star Wars - 7 billion
4) Middle-earth - 6 billion (including The Hobbits)
5=) Batman - 4.5 billion (including Dark Knight Rises)
5=) Spider-Man - 4.5 billion
7=) Pirates of the Caribbean - 4 billion
7=) Transformers - 4 billion (including Age of Extinction)
7=) Shrek - 4 billion (including Puss-in-Boots)
7=) Fast & Furious - 4 billion

Star Wars: The Digital Movie Collection

Star Wars: The Digital Movie Collection

Star Wars looks guaranteed to move into second place and I don't honestly see the Harry Potter spin-offs putting that franchise back in contention. James Bond is well out in front; if the Star Wars revival is sustained and they do at least one film every year I guess it will ultimately creep up on the Bond franchise, but I don't see it happening before the end of the decade.

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