Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Celebrity Women Hotter..

Why Are Celebrity Women Hotter Than Regular Women? Lol.

Some of them are very naturally beautiful. And they have enhanced their beauty with make-up and styling by the time we've seen them. Since we only see them on screens and in magazines we usually only see them at their best. Most female entertainers are very conscious of their image so they work harder at staying in shape than "regular" women.

Crystal Wright's Hair Makeup Fashion Styling & Manicurist Career Guide

Crystal Wright's Hair Makeup Fashion Styling & Manicurist Career Guide

But when you see candid photos of a lot of them out and about during their down time most of them look pretty average. They look no different from average women you see on a daily basis who are also in decent to good shape. Obviously we see more soccer moms who have seen better days in our normal lives. More women who have little to no time to spare on their looks because they're busy leading normal lives.

I want to know why the men around me don't look like celebrity men. Celebrity men are enhanced, but not as much as the women. In photos they definitely are. Every celebrity is airbrushed in photos. I mean Justin Bieber had his packaged heavily enhanced in that cK ad. But when you see candids of the men out doing normal things while wearing sweats and baseball caps they still look incredible. It's not like you suddenly see them without tons of make-up and you're shocked and disappointed by how plain they really are.

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