Thursday, 28 May 2015

How big of a star was Mel Gibson at his peak?

Mel Gibson was huge. Him, Harrison Ford and Arnold Schwarzenegger were probably the biggest box-office draws in the 90's, Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise too.

The two scandals, the fact that he didn't star in a movie in like 10 years and let's be honest him losing his youthful movie star looks were the main reasons why he's not a bankable star anymore.

He can still get financing for his directorial works, Hacksaw Ridge was a hot property at Berlin and got sold worldwide easily, and he can still headline modestly budgeted action-thrillers like Get The Gringo and Blood Father, but his days of being a leading man in big studio movies are obviously long gone.

It's not really a question of Hollywood forgiving him, I mean Edge of Darkness, released by WB, came out after his first scandal, and it made $43M domestically, not a horrible take, but obviously a bomb if the budget really was $80M like Imdb says, though it doesn't look like a $80M movie to me.

Mel Gibson, Get the Gringo

Mel Gibson, Get the Gringo

Get The Gringo went straight to VOD. And that was that.

But the same thing happens to plenty of older actors who never had any scandals, like Michael Douglas' latest movie went straight to VOD, yet he's in Ant-Man, but on his own he's not a draw anymore. Same thing with DeNiro, he can still headline theatrical releases with other people and in the right project like Last Vegas or Dirty Grandpa, but on his own or with 50 Cent or John Cusack it's VOD all the way.

Nicolas Cage, John Travolta, they're all in the same boat, the age of movie stars is pretty much over, the only one of the old school stars who is still a bonafide draw is Tom Cruise.

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