Saturday, 30 May 2015

Nicholas Hoult, Very good actor

Nicholas Hoult : Very good actor.. I think he gave the most believable, electric performance in Mad Max. Charlize and Tom were alright for me, but Nick killed it. He was amazing in Mad Max, can't wait to see what he's next project is going to be, he has played so many different characters and so well.

Nicholas Hoult, Jack the Giant Slayer

Nicholas Hoult, Jack the Giant Slayer

He totally stole the show! He was simply insane. He and Charlize were about on par in my opinion. They made the movie for me, character-wise. Hardy was a disappointment as Max, he didn't have nearly the presence and charisma of Gibson in the role.

I loved him in About a Boy but then he did skins and I hated him in that but he absolutely killed it in Mad Max. I thought he was fantastic, he really stole the whole film for me.

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