Monday, 25 May 2015

Slow West

Slow West, a film that proves you can have the right amount of character growth, plot development, and move at a still pace, and still make room for general artsy-ness in less than an hour and a half. The film could have used another half hour but I only say that because I was enjoying myself so much. It was brisk, clean, to the point, and only wasted any time to rest on some gorgeous cinematography (seriously, the lighting and the colors are breathtaking). Fassbender, Mendelsohn, and Smit-McPhee (despite his off and on accent) are all great, Fassbender especially, who plays it suave like a cowboy James Bond. It succeeds at being "an unconventional western" in a way that I feel The Homesman last year could not, in that it managed to be entertaining as a slow burn and stuck to its guns (no pun intended) with its overall tone and intentions.

Slow West

Slow West

It's probably the only time Smit-McPhee (shoddy accent aside, like you said) has impressed me as an actor. Aside from that, I thought Fassbender was great, Pistorius was nice, but Mendelsohn was such a wasted, useless villain and I think that's what made the film so weak for me. It had such a strong start and middle, and then the climax was so rushed that all emotional or suspenseful weight it wanted to have almost didn't even exist for me.

Put aside the weak script, Maclean shows promise as a director (those musician-turned-director types are always interesting to watch) and the cinematography was friggin' awesome (especially in the last twenty minutes or so). Almost like a vibrant, lively Jesse James prototype.

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