Monday, 18 May 2015

The Beatles' "Let It Be"

45th anniversary of The Beatles' "Let It Be" album. This month marks the 45th anniversary of The Beatles' "Let It Be" album. What are you thoughts on the album? How has it held up after 45 years?

To me, its an odd album to rate. Sometimes, I think its as good as the other classic Beatles albums, sometimes it sounds like a couple good songs and some tedious filler. I guess its just the bad karma that went into the making of the album. I think MaCartney's control, Harrison's frustration and especially Lennon's indifference are captured.

The Beatles, Let It Be Enhanced

The Beatles, Let It Be Enhanced

It's funny how the band members were open and honest to talking about the making of "Let It Be" in The Beatles Anthology, but they're not willing to release the "Let It Be" film because it's such a bad time of their career.

The story used to be that it was Harrison that refused to release Let it Be. He didn't want people to see him quitting (not even sure that was filmed, I seen a bootleg copy years ago). Now its Paul and Ringo. Guess what, we all know what happened. Its been discussed thousands of times. And, from my recollection, it wasn't that bad. The thing that I remember most was Lennon's "yeah, whatever" attitude and Yoko.

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