Sunday, 3 May 2015

Ultron has doomed Bond

Ultron has doomed Bond.. Because it made some money this weekend! So, we all know how poorly Bond does if there are other movies out in the same year that make money, historically. Right?

And, my two cents is that Ultron is better than the first one in most ways that matter to me such as drama and story and action and acting. Not as funny I suppose.

True Love Jennifer Lopez

Marvel Iron Man Ultron Figure 6 Inches

Though...its pretty darn crowded. I spent some time going "hey who was that? A robot? Iron Man? Ultron? Oops never mind we're on to the next scene..." Not that I expect thoughtful, careful plotpointing here, but there's clearly a lot of folks setting up a lot of distinct stuff and sequel hooks and so on that, if you don't read the books, are basically ALL given cursory treatments. I believe I prefer my stories to be a little more focused on fewer thingies.

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