Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Cassandra's Dream's cinematography

I honestly can't think of many with terrible cinematography, it's usually just mediocre and bland at worst. What film do you think has the worst cinematography you have ever seen?

Cassandra's Dream has some awful cinematography, by a great cinematographer might I add.

Cassandra s Dream

Cassandra's Dream

Miami Vice-The Movie ain't that great. Seems director Michael Mann was, in gee-whiz fashion, really tinkering with the gain boost on his then-new Sony Cine-Alta camera. It looks like he and his cinematographer had the gain boost cranked up to +21db on some of that stuff. The exterior night scenes, especially in the trailer park where Trudy has been kidnapped, appear to be only available light, from sodium vapor lights and such, and exhibit HORRENDOUS grain.

I'm going to say Michael Mann's Public Enemies. I just can't take to the digital photography of that movie.

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