Wednesday, 17 June 2015

the palme d'or and the camera d'or?

I couldn't find this on the internet but I was wondering if anyone knew if a film can win both of those awards at the Cannes film festival, and if any film ever has before? Can a film win both the palme d'or and the camera d'or?

Rules considered, yes, a film can win both prizes but never happens because it's almost impossible that a first feature film by an unexperienced director is accepted in the official selection. It's even more unlikely for such a film to win the Palm d'Or.

Soderbergh won Palm d’Or for his first feature.

Leonor Greyl Huile De Palme

Leonor Greyl Huile De Palme

I can’t think of a single film that won Camera D’Or award after being in the official competition section.

The official rules for the Camera d'or are posted on the Festival de Cannes website and article three states the following:

The films (as defined in Article 2) which can compete for "Caméra d'Or 2015 - Festival de Cannes" are those shown in the Official Selection (Competition, Out of Competition, Un Certain Regard) or in one of the Parallel Sections, “The Critics’ Week” or “The Directors’ Fortnight”.

So, yes, it looks as though a film that could win the Palme d'or could also win the Camera d'or.

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