Monday, 15 June 2015

the saddest songs - Donna Summer

One of the saddest songs ever made..

I was listening to her VH1 album just the other day and was saddened that she left us so soon. She was incredibly talented and I never got a chance to see her perform live. May God embrace her soul.

Donna Summer: VH1 Presents Live and More Encore!

Donna Summer: VH1 Presents Live and More Encore!

It's nice to know another person here appreciates donna summer as much as me....even if that someone is you, runeld.

I also thing she was the best female singer ever! Fantastic in "Could it be magic", "MacArthur Park"," Last Dance", "Bad Girls", "Hot Stuff", "Dimm off the lights", "On the Radio", "State of independence", "This time is for real" and many others. She never gave a poor performance because she was talented and also a very beautiful women, a very nice person She was a idol of my generation (but in a god sense). It is a pity that she passed away so young!

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