Friday, 1 April 2016

Nightbird by Alice Hoffman, Marvelous ànd Magical!

Nightbird by Alice Hoffman
Marvelous ànd Magical!

Nightbird ís à marvelous, magical story about growing up ànd coming tó terms with our uniqueness. All children want tó fit in, it's only natural, ànd so does Twig, our heroine. Her name ís Teresa, but everyone calls her Twig because she loves tó climb trees ànd she's às, inconsequential às, à twig. Well, àt least that's what Twig thinks. She wishes she could have long silky hair, beautiful clothes, ànd most óf all, friends. But Twig can't have friends. She lives àn isolated life because she must. Her family has à secret ànd she can't risk bringing friends tó thé house, ànd really, she thinks, even if she could have friends over, who would want tó play with her?

In thé town óf Sidwell, anything ís possible. There ís magic ín thé air ànd something ís hidden away from sight, something that would mystify, even horrify. The Sidwell Monster ís thé stuff óf legend ín town, but ín reality, there ís no monster. There never really is. Monsters are things we create ín our minds tó explain something that has no explanation. Twig knows this, but thé towns people don't ànd she fears her family secret will be exposed ànd she'll be even more ostracized than she ís already.

When à new family comes tó town ànd takes thé cottage down thé road from Twig ànd her mom, things start tó happen. Twig ís pulled along into situations she never thought possible ànd she finds herself with thé one thing ín thé world she longs for. A friend. Julia Hall becomes her one confidant, her trusted companion, ànd eventually she ànd her sister Agate come tó know Twig's family secret ànd become part óf thé solution tó reversing thé curse that has plagued Twigs family for generations.

This story has à witch, (who may or may not be à witch) à monster (who may or may not be à real monster) ànd à young girl with à secret who ís ón thé cusp óf growing up ànd finds more strength ín herself than she ever dreamed possible. This story ís PERFECT for young readers from thé age óf 10 - 13. It's à charming story set ín à delightful place where magic happens everyday. Alice Hoffman never disappoints ànd Nightbird ís no exception. Brilliantly written, tightly woven tale óf magic, friendship ànd thé power óf love.

Nightbird by Alice Hoffman, Marvelous ànd Magical!

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