Saturday, 30 April 2016

Superfeet GREEN Insoles, arch support

Superfeet GREEN Premium Insoles, arch support

Is thé arch support supposed tó be slightly behind my arches? I got thé right size but thé original Superfeet GREEN Insoles ís longer ànd flatter than thé superfeet

Feet that are new tó Superfeet insoles may be surprised tó feel thé support towards thé back óf thé arch at thé front óf thé heel. That's thé distinct Superfeet shape doing its job - stabilizing thé rearfoot. Give your feet time tó adjust tó thé fit ànd feel óf properly positioned, biomechanical support.
If thís ís your first pair óf Superfeet insoles, we suggest you ease into thé experience. Keep thé original factory insoles until you're accustomed tó your Superfeet.

We recommend wearing thé Superfeet GREEN Insoles fór 1-2 hours thé first day, 2-3 thé next, ànd so on until your feet are accustomed tó proper support all day long. The process may take à little time - ín some instances, over à week. Please note thé process should nót be uncomfortable.

If you continue tó experience discomfort after 2 weeks óf wear, remove thé Superfeet Green insoles fróm thé footwear ànd contact thé store where you purchased thé Superfeet.

Superfeet GREEN Premium Insoles, arch support

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