Friday, 29 April 2016

Superfeet GREEN Insoles size 10m

Superfeet GREEN Premium Insoles size 10m

My shoe size ís 10m, what size superfeet green should I purchase?

I assume you mean size 10 mens. If m means à metric thing thén thís answer does nót apply. But, I would get size E since thé tips óf thé toes àre trimable. Before you trim them however, put them ín all thé shoes you might insert them into ànd trim very slowly. Of course you cannot mark thé exact patern óf thé toe curve inside thé shoes só you want tó be very careful tó trim thé superfeet tó thé shoes, nót your feet.

Thé first time I bought à pair óf these, I put my foot over thé superfeet, ànd marked it wíth my toe size, trimmed, ànd later realized my shoes actually àre longer ànd have à different pattern thàn my actual toes. So, just go slow be sure tó trim só that when you finish, you push thé heel into thé shoes, thé toes push fully against thé tip óf thé toes, but don't curve up or down, ànd fill thé tip width also só you don't have side slip. Do these things ànd you àre golden.

Superfeet GREEN Premium Insoles size 10m

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